Florida contractor finds foam solution to home hurricane safety

Florida contractor finds foam solution to home hurricane safety
Living in Florida is not for the faint of heart: it’s the only state with both panthers and alligators stalking through the wild, it’s not unheard of for lightning to strike the same place twice, and the state’s cantankerous climate during hurricane season causes some of the most dangerous and expensive weather-related damages in the country. For locals, preparing for damaging storms is a way of life, but thankfully new technologies that can better protect our people, pets and homes are evolving. Roofs in particular become vulnerable during a hurricane and it can cost a lot of time, energy and money to deal with water damage caused during and after a storm. Carmen Bellavia, the CEO and Founder of 3 IN 1 ROOF, has a better solution.

Bellavia’s career as a contractor in Florida, specifically his work doing post-storm roof repair after Hurricane Wilma, started him on the road to creating the 3 IN 1 ROOF. Bellavia originally sought to simply create a roof tile that wouldn’t break under a person’s weight, which was a common problem that plagued him and his fellow roofers (as well as their customers). He found that by changing the tiles’ shape he could prevent breakage, but he was still unsatisfied using heavy and potentially dangerous concrete or clay for his new tiles. Luckily, years later he found that some contractors were using a foam material that was applied in a liquid state and would harden so quickly and completely that they were able to walk on it mere moments later. Eureka! He found his solution and in the summer of 2009 Bellavia started making his first prototypes. Soon, other advantages of using foam tiles as a roofing solution became increasingly apparent.

“We figured out that a solar upgrade would work tremendously with the foam platform for the simple reason that all solar panels are negatively affected by the heat that radiates off the other roofing products out there on the market,” says Bellavia. It seems counterintuitive, but the same sunlight that helps solar panels generate power also makes them hot and less efficient. Before the 3 IN 1 ROOF, solar panels were normally mounted on racks which leave a big gap between them and the roof. This creates a situation where sunlight is not only heating the panel directly from the top, but also from the bottom as the heat is reflected off of the roof’s surface. 3 IN 1 ROOF’s solar modules are embedded directly in the roof’s cool foam, so they’re only receiving heat from the top and are kept at a lower temperature on all other sides. These solar tiles also happen to alleviate the biggest concern for most homeowners thinking about “going solar” since they do not require holes to be put in the roof during installation like those old-school rack mounted systems do.

Superior weather resistance is the area where the 3 IN 1 ROOF really shines. Standard roof tiles are routinely expanding and contracting from the heat and cold, slowly damaging the bonds on the underside of the tiles and making them unstable. Hail damage to other tiles fractures them into razor-sharp pieces which can dig into the roof and create leaks. These disconnected and broken tiles can quickly become projectiles in high winds, causing property damage, injuries or even deaths. 3 IN 1’s foam tiles on the other hand have an unparalleled 200+mph wind rating and can take a Class 4 hail hit repeatedly in the same spot before any damage is done to the weather barrier. This unique combination of features seems to make 3 IN 1 ROOF’s products the clear choice for providing a home’s weather protection.

Plus, not only are 3 IN 1’s foam tiles superior for preventing damage, but they’re a big energy bill saver as well. By placing insulating foam on the surface of the roof it eliminates heat radiating from the sun into the building, keeping the cool night air in your attic and helping your AC work more efficiently. For some people’s homes, this reduction in heating and cooling costs could be as high as 38%! These eco-friendly benefits give the 3 IN 1 ROOF full eligibility for PACE Funding (a government sponsored financing program that helps homeowners add eco-friendly features with no money down), making it easy for homeowners and contractors to create sustainable spaces.

During a recent interview with the Orlando Weekly, Bellavia was concise when it comes to 3 IN 1 ROOF’s benefits: “It doesn’t cost much more than a traditional roof install, and the solar option costs about 15% less than a Tesla roof system. But, ours has much better performance, higher levels of safety, and it looks pretty darn good too!” An independent engineering report prepared for the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation agrees: 3 IN 1’s tiles were deemed “superior in design, material comparison, and ease of installation in comparison to any traditional roofing tile or special roofing system seen within our 55+ years of licensed experience.”

Despite these major accolades, Bellavia hasn’t lost sight of what’s most important about his product, which is making safer homes for residents in high-risk climates. “We suffer these high-wind catastrophes every year. They leave people’s homes flattened; they lose everything from possessions to pets to family members. Those things are irreplaceable, and we think that our product is the answer because now the roof is no longer the weakest link in the home’s structure.”

To learn more and place an order for your own 3 IN 1 ROOF before the upcoming hurricane season, you can visit the company’s website www.3in1roof.com or simply send an email to [email protected]
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