Florida congressman Matt Gaetz is 'hosting' a show on Fox News today for some reason

click to enlarge Florida congressman Matt Gaetz is 'hosting' a show on Fox News today for some reason
Screengrab via MSNBC
Matt Gaetz, a sitting Florida Republican congressman who apparently was elected to defend whatever Trump tweets that particular day on cable news, will make the final transition to television talking head and host a Fox News show this afternoon.

Representing Florida's District 1, Gaetz will put aside his congressional duties today and play newsman on an episode of OutNumbered on Fox News, at noon ET.

What will Gaetz discuss today? We're not sure. Maybe he'll talk about the time he was the only person to vote no on a bipartisan sex trafficking bill because of "fiscal responsibility," but now wants to print $5 billion for a border wall made of "steel slats." Or maybe he'll push another conspiracy theory he saw on r/TheDonald. Who knows!

It's also unclear if Gaetz cleared today's appearance with the Florida Commission of Ethics. However, a spokesperson with Fox News told Orlando Weekly that Gaetz's appearance is in more of a guest capacity and less of a hosting position, and that he will not be paid for his duties.

"Multiple politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle have appeared as the ‘One Lucky Guy’ on Outnumbered as the show is formatted to have a rotating guest. Rep. Gaetz appeared in this capacity and did not co-host the show despite the factually inaccurate press release issued by his office," said Fox's VP of News, Alan Komissaroff in a statement.

But Florida Republicans using Fox News as literal state media is nothing new. Back in August, before leaving office, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi also hosted a Fox News program while collecting a state paycheck, and not just once, but three times!

It's also ironic, considering not long ago Fox News lost their collective minds because former president Barack Obama got paid for a couple speeches AFTER he left office. Somehow, Gaetz's appearance today seems much worse.

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