First Words: Whitewashing Blackfish

Whitewashing Blackfish

SeaWorld will never accept this challenge, especially if those throwing it down offer to arrange it. It doesn’t sound neutral. A third party should make all the arrangements. SeaWorld has proven time and again that they’d rather whitewash the whole deal than directly address it.
cjb, via

What is there to debate? (“It’s On! Makers of Blackfish challenge SeaWorld to a public debate”, Bloggytown, Jan. 23) There is some emotional overstretch in the film (for instance, trainers are anthropomorphizing the whales and assigning them very human emotions), but most of it is presented as factual with eyewitness accounts to back it up. Will SeaWorld simply deny the videos and eyewitness testimony? SeaWorld has no factual information that can be third-party verified that disputes any of what is in the Blackfish movie. If they did, they would have already presented it. SeaWorld only wants to discredit the movie so they can do business as usual and rake in profit by harming and exploiting the very animals they claim to admire.
Phillip Bell, via

Repressed Reps

Huckabee ... It never occurs to him and his ilk that other people in this country might have an approach to sex that is based on healthy, consensual, responsible adult behavior instead of whatever ashamed childish repressive notions they have (“Your Daily Weekly Reader: Looking for Crist, loving Virginia, hating Huckabee, hiding the cash,” Bloggytown, Jan. 24). In fact, he might be shocked to find some of us can say penis and vagina without blushing and giggling like children.
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