First Words: First comes love

First comes love

What this article (“Legal challenge could overturn gay-marriage ban in Florida,” Jan. 29) didn’t mention is that Judge Sarah Zabel’s husband is not only the ex-mayor of North Miami Beach, but he’s currently standing trial on four felonies and five misdemeanors, including grand theft and campaign finance fraud. Zabel is hardly a rocket scientist, either. A case of this magnitude should be in more capable hands. It’s a shame it was assigned to her. I wish the plaintiffs much luck. They’ll need it.
Stephanie Kienzle via

Seriously? Why does everyone have to have an opinion about who someone else chooses, or moreover, doesn’t choose to fall in love with? It’s a private, personal decision. And I will add for all those that follow whether you are lofty or self-righteous thumpers of the word, for all those who seem to have all the answers to everybody else’s problems, sinners and saints, pagan or atheist … how does someone else’s happiness, life and love affect you? It just doesn’t. Dare I say this: If the Bible is right, and Christ himself was made in our image, then he was male and female, gay and straight, white and black, Indian and Asian, blind and deaf, sane and insane, whole and broken. Power to the people – all of them.
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I’m so blown away with what is happening here. Why does everyone have to go after each other, when the real clear issue is that people who love each other want to be together legally? Why so much hate over love? Call me a hippie, but we’re all fools trying to stop love when there is so much other evil out there to deal with. … if we want to throw stones, should we see what terrible things the Catholic clergy has been doing for years? Or is it OK for a priest to touch a boy because he has given up his life for God? Or what about when churches rape pocketbooks of those who are just there to find faith?
We’re all corrupt. We all do things we aren’t proud of. Some much worse than others. But at the end of the day, if two men or two women who love each other want to have a damn piece of paper, I say give it to them with bells and whistles.
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