Esquire weighs in on Florida congressional race

Just got my brand-spankin' (literally, it's the issue where they select Halle Berry as the Sexiest Woman Alive)-new issue of Esquire and the crazy mofos once again embark upon endorsing someone in every single congressional race in the country. Insane! Anyway, after the jump, what they say about Florida's and it might surprise you.



Barack Obama (D) - ...Senator Obama is the only one of the two candidates who seems to believe in the idea of a political commonwealth, that there are those things â?? be they the guarantees in the Bill of Rights or mountains in Alaska â?? that we own together. Barack Obama stands, however inchoately and however diffidently, for the notion that a common purpose is necessary for common problems, that "government," as it is designed in our founding documents, is our collective responsibility. It is this collective responsibility that built America into a great power without peer in the history of the world. And it is this collective responsibility that has succumbed to nearly thirty years of phony rightist populism, corporate brigandage, and the wildly cheered abandonment of a common American civic purpose. It is shocking that in America an argument for salvaging the common good is regarded as a radical notion by anyone, but that is where we are. And that is what Barack Obama seems to stand for. ... his Republican counterpart is one of the first presidential candidates in history to run as a parody of himself. John McCain has decided on a cheap and dishonorable campaign. He has embraced the tactics with which he was slandered in 2000, and he has hired the people responsible for them. In so doing, he has become something of a mockery of everything he once purported to be ... The most underutilized trope of the campaign is the notion that John McCain is running against John McCain. Read their full endorsement here.

District 1:

Jeff Miller (R)

District 2:

Allen Boyd (D)

District 3:

Write-in - A Democrat from the Karl Rove mold, Corrine Brown (D) spews bile at opponents and operates under a constant cloud of ethics questions. Indefensible.

District 4:

Jay McGovern (D)

District 5:

Ginny Brown-Waite (R) - Brown-Wait has also flipped to offshore drilling, but her record of breaking with the GOP on privacy issues saves her â?? barely.

District 6:

Cliff Stearns (R)

District 7:

Faye Armitage (D) - John Mica demands budgetary transparency from the TSA; that's good. But over the past two years he's given a rubber stamp to every invasion of privacy the agency proposes while seeking to trim costs by keeping TSA workers' wages and job security at a minimum. That's dangerous.

District 8:

Ric Keller (R) - Keller shows creativity on primary education, especially with his programs to help disadvantaged students. He fought off administration efforts to cut back on Pell Grants, a lifeline for students who can't afford college tuition on their own. And he kept the highly successful Clinton-era COPS program going, a boon to law enforcement in cities and towns across the country. A+.

District 9:

Gus Bilirakis (R)

District 10:

Bill Young (R)

District 11:

Kathy Castor (D) - Castor, a freshman, is clearly being groomed for a top party slot. Her overwhelming popularity in this racially diverse, military-rich Tampa district will let her shine on the national stage.

District 12:

Adam Putnam (R)

District 13:

Christine Jennings (D)

District 14:

Connie Mack (R) - Mack's a good fit here â?? center-right and glass-half-full â?? but his moderating effect as one of the leaders of Central Florida's otherwise highly Christianist GOP may be his most valuable quality.

District 15:

Steve Blythe (D)

District 16:

Tim Mahoney (D) - OOPS! - Two years ago, Mahoney delivered us from child-abuse vigilante/congressional-page enthusiast Mark Foley. The family-values lobby is now determined to win back this seat, but evidently the donations Tom Rooney (R) receives from employees and associates of his father's greyhound track aren't enough, so it's going to take a Bush fundraiser (at five grand a plate) for him to save this seat from the anti-child forces. (ed: or, like, a bunch of hetero-sex scandals, which have just surfaced, probably killing Mahoney's chances.)

District 17:

Kendrick Meek (D)

District 18

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)

District 19:

Robert Wexler (D)

District 20:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)

District 21:

Raul Martinez (D)

District 22:

Ron Klein (D)

District 23:

Marion Thorpe Jr.

District 24:

Suzanne Kosmas (D) - Tom Feeney was an Abramoff bagman in 2004, he remained one in 2006, and he is still one today.

District 25:

Joe Garcia (D)

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