Elon Musk suspends Twitter account of UCF student who tracks his jet

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click to enlarge Elon Musk suspends Twitter account of UCF student who tracks his jet
photo by J.D. Lasica, CC 2.0

Elon Musk may have single-handedly knocked himself out of the running for world's richest man with his bungled purchase of Twitter, but you have to admit, it does give him quite the opportunity to settle petty personal grievances.

Following a wave of account suspensions for Twitter users who posted video of him being roundly booed at a Dave Chappelle show in California, Elon has taken up the banhammer and smashed a longtime troublemaker for the billionaire: University of Central Florida student Jack Sweeney.

Sweeney is an aviation fanatic and runs several accounts tracking the locations and trips of different notable people's private jets. His account following Musk's jet led to a public confrontation with the SpaceX and Tesla head.

Sweeney revealed earlier this year that Musk asked him to stop posting the flight information for his jet. Sweeney helpfully shared with Elon how to block some of the information being fed to his flight-tracker bots. He also said he would take the account down for $50K or a Tesla, following an insultingly low offer from Musk.

Sweeney modified that ask to an internship after Musk did not reply. Now that Musk owns Twitter, he appears to have taken the matter into his own hands: Sweeney shared that @elonjet has been permanently suspended from Twitter.

The suspension came in spite of Musk's own promise not to ban the account. 

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