Eerie Celebration

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Several weeks ago we reported how the Disney town of Celebration seems plagued by a car-swallowing retention pond, thanks to a sharp left bend at exit 24 east off I-4 `Watered-down Celebration, May 13`. At the time, rumors buzzed that three tourists missing since October might have skidded into the pond, but Orlando Police spokesman Orlando Rolon dismissed that idea. Several cars had ended up in the pond, he noted, so it was worth a closer look, but any stronger connection to the missing tourists was speculation.

Well, seems that, indeed, on June 21 the tourists were found at the pond's bottom. Which strikes us as downright curious. So we ask again: Was there actually some real evidence found back in May that made people think the tourists were in the pond? "To my knowledge there was no specific information that they were there," says another OPD spokesman, Darryl Farrar. To our knowledge we can only say again: downright curious.

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