Democrats outpacing Republicans in voter registration stakes. What voter purge?

Some interesting new statistics just in from the Florida Democratic Party show that, despite – or perhaps because of – Republicans being so transparently ruthless in their attempts to ferret out people who don't typically vote for a party that oppresses them, Democrats have been holding a steady lead in getting people on the voter rolls. Whether they stay on said rolls remains to be seen (especially considering that many of the gains for Dems have been among the state's Hispanic population, and we know how that goes), but for now, a little good news goes a long way. Press release below:


Dems beat GOP for fourth consecutive month, winning women and Hispanic voters

TALLAHASSEE, FL —The Florida Democratic Party today released state May voter registration data showing that, for the fourth consecutive month, Democrats out-registered Republicans — this time by 10-points. Over the past four months, Democrats have steadily increased monthly gains over the GOP from a 3-point advantage in February to 10-points in April and May.
In a further sign that the GOP's extreme agenda is causing crucial voting blocs to flee the party, significantly more women and Hispanics are registering as Democrats than as Republicans. Florida Democrats continue to maintain an overall registration advantage of 4-percent.
“The toxic brand of Rick Scott and the extremist policies of Mitt Romney have set the stage for Democrats to out-register Republicans for four straight months,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “Our message of economic fairness and protecting the middle class is resonating with Florida voters and we are committed to building the strongest, largest ground game Florida has ever seen."
  • May is the fourth consecutive month that Democrats have out-registered Republicans.
  • Democrats registered 5,108 more voters than Republicans in May — beating the GOP by 10-percentage points. This is the second month in a row that Democrats have out registered Republicans by 10-points.
  • The Democrats monthly registration advantage has steadily increased over the last four months by a total of 7-percent.
  • In May, Democrats had a 12-percent registration advantage with Hispanics. Overall, Democrats are beating Republicans in Hispanic registration by 9-points.
  • In May, Democrats had a 14-percent registration advantage with women. Overall, Democrats are beating Republicans in women registration by 10-points.
  • Overall, the recent statistics continue to reflect that the state is trending more Democratic, as Democrats retain a 4-percent advantage over Republicans.


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