Dear spring breakers, please don't use sharks to open your beer

For the second time in a week, an unnamed fraternity member on spring break was filmed doing something really dumb involving sharks.

Days after a UCF frat boy was caught on video stumbling into a shark tank at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, a new clip has surfaced on Total Frat Move showing an unidentified man opening a beer with a friggin shark.

Of course, the video has garnered both support and backlash from people, like former TheBlaze contributor Tomi Lahren, who claimed the video made her sick.
  At this point it is unknown exactly where this video was shot and whether or not the shark was actually dead or alive when the incident took place.

Total Frat Move has since posted somewhat of a retraction, making it clear that they do not approve of the action, but the video remains up on their site.

In the "retraction" article Total Frat Move said, "Whether or not you believe in catching and killing sharks for sport is going to have to be a debate for another day, because it's not relevant to this video. The outrage is over the slamming of a beer into the shark's teeth. Did using the shark's teeth to puncture a beer upset the shark? I don't believe so, because it was dead. Is it disrespectful? Yeah, maybe a little."

"If I was dead and someone hollowed out my skull to use it as a bong and uploaded a video of it, would I be upset? Probably not. Because I'd be dead ..." the article went on to clarify.

Go Greek Life!

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