Dear Dyer

It's good to be the mayor, until you have to read your e-mail.
The following letters are as raw as the day they arrived in Buddy's inbox.

Feb. 25 (election day)

Mr. Dyer:

I am appalled that you and/or your supporters would use a purveyor of hate (who promotes harm and the murder of those who do not agree with him) in a telephone-contact campaign.

Did it escape your attention that Alec Baldwin publicly and proudly encouraged: killing Kenneth Starr, stoning/ killing Rep. Henry Hyde and his family, throwing Christians to the lions.

Is this what you mean by "Bold New Leadership for Orlando"? Advocating and inciting the murder of those you disagree with?

The very idea of using his voice is reprehensible and beneath contempt.

Regardless of the outcome of today's vote, when can we expect to hear an apology or retraction directly from you? Or, do you agree with Alec Baldwin?

Thank you. I await your reply.

Joe Argusa

March 26

hi my name is Ally from P.A and i'm doing a report/powerpoint on Florida and was wondering if you could send me info about Florida like the state history, reference to the five themes of geography, landforms and climate of the state, population distribution, density, and makeup, Important businesses, Recration, and other intersesting facts. It would mean the world to me but send the info to [email protected] please. Also if you could hurry with the info that would mean the world to me. I've been to Florida 2 time so far when i was 8 and when i was 12 Bye and thank you.

Allison Lanza

March 31

Dear Mr Dyer,

It appears that you are not a supporter of UCF. As such, I would like to use your skybox at the Citrus Bowl for all UCF home games. If I would have known your stance on supporting the local university I would NOT have voted for you. I will correct that during the next election.


Andy Helm

June 5

I can not believe that you would support the Gay Day here in Orlando, one thing about it Mayor Glenda Hood never did, and never would. These are very sick people, God did not make Adam and Bob, or Eve and Sherry. I never voted for you in the past, and didn't this time. Anyone who supports Gays, would support crimes against children, women, and look the other way because it's their right to freedom of speech, or to do unnatural things with each other. 100 years ago these people would be put away for good, or hung. This violates God's Law of which America was founded, his laws have never changed, only man's.

Change to a higher standard, or leave with the gays.

Phillip Mathes

June 6

to Marcia Goodwin, CC Buddy Dyer

I've been pretty dilligent about asking nearly everyday for two weeks to you or lauren regarding personnel changes. As recently as Wednesday later afternoon, I asked lauren if any changes were being made. She said no, and I reiterated my desire NOT to bug you guys with this question daily. I was rewarded for that offering by reading about SEVEN firings in this morning's paper. We must discuss this further, because frankly, there's a big difference between "keeping the media informed about important developments" and "enterprise reporting." People being fired is NOT "enterprise" when we have all been deeply interested in this topic. I suggest we discuss our communication paths more deeply when we meet on Wednesday the 18th. Do you have a preferred time? Can David be there as well as Rob Garner? Is Rob available sooner than that time to "lay-out" the big budget picture?

Greg Fox (Editor's note: Fox is WESH's political reporter.)

July 1

Currently there is smoke coming from my ears as I read an article entitled from our Orlando Sentinel dated July 1, 2003.

Kerry Earnhardt gets shot at Daytona

By Shannon Rose | Sentinel Staff Writer

Posted July 1, 2003

Being an avid NASCAR fan I found Shannon Rose's article TITLE extremely offensive. I understand that a writer must capture their audience by the title but Shannon has gone past the bottom of the manure bucket on this one. I cannot believe she gets paid American money to write this trash! By The Orlando Sentinel publishing this title, you all need to take a step back and re think your priorities. This title hit the NASCAR community with shock. But why should we expect anything but "DISTASTE" from the Orlando Sentinel-Earnhardt autopsy photos???? Recall that blunder? You have lost a subscriber over this final blunder!

If you need a competent NASCAR/Sports writer, why don't you contact James Worsley on His material is worth reading and his titles "NON MIS LEADING". James would be a worthy asset to your staff.

Sir, this is a disgrace that a reporter from our local news should be permitted to write this way. I trust you will correct this matter with Shannon. Thank you for your time!

Robyn Snell

Aug. 25

Dear Mayor:

Please explain to me why you are giving people who are contracted to do city work a $3.50 increase in salary. I have been a resident of the City of Orlando for 10 years and have struggled to make a living. First I went through 3 years of night school to become a licensed electrician, only to make the most $12/hour. Then 9/11 happened and I lost my job. Thanks to "Operation Paycheck" I was able to re-train in the field of computers for 18 months. Again, I have to start at the bottom of the pay scale.

Correct me if I'm wrong. My understanding is you are going to give people who are unskilled without an education and some who can barely speak the English language a $3.50 pay raise. To me that just doesn't sound right or fair for the people (like myself) who are struggling to make an honest living. I was always told that in order to make a good living you need an education. You just threw that theory out the window.

All you politicians keep raising the standard of living for the poor and giving tax breaks to the rich and the middle class always are getting screwed. You make it very hard to work and live in this beautiful city.

Yours truly,

James Wulff

Sept. 10

Hi, we just left Disneyworld & had a great time as usual. But, noticed some negative elements we hadn't seen before. At Magic Kingdom, some guys tried to steal my camcorder! But, didn't see any uniformed policemen! Also, I can't recall seeing any cops at all on International Drive! I could be wrong, I'm sure they were there, I just didn't see too many cops, many they were plainclothes, don't know. But, is Disneyworld safe? What is the crime rate compared to the rest of Orlando & other Florida cities? Please email when convenient, thanx.


Sept. 10

Dear Mayor:

I first want to thank you for NOT responding to my e-mail dated 8/25/03. It shows how really concerned you are for the people who are paying the taxes in this city.

Second, since you're brilliant move in raising the minimum wage for the "unfortunate", it has now snowballed. I read in the newspaper last week that now Orange County workers want the same.

When I voted for you I thought since you experience at Capitol Hill, you would be a great mayor. Boy was I wrong, it seems as though you are just like the rest of the politicians, only in office for your personal gain. I learn from my mistakes and when re-election comes up, I will NOT make the same mistake twice.

Again, congratulations.

Non- Respectfully,

James Wulff

Sept. 15

Mayor Dyer,

This uproar over the Exodus Declaration is absolute nonsense.

Our founding fathers never envisioned a country in which a religous organization could not be welcomed to town by the Town's elected officials, that is obvious on its own. The charges that Exodus is a "hate group" is also absolutely absurd. Exodus is a Christian group that stresses Christian LOVE, they do believe as the Bible says that sexual acts between same sex partners is a sin against GOD. Their answer to that is to invite the sinners to Church and to Jesus Christ to be relieved of their sin. If Exodus is angry and anyone, and they are not, it would be the established Church for not being LOVING enought towards practicing homosexuals.

Please stand up for the truth in this issue and put this nonsense behind us so we can get on with the business of governing.

David E. Rose

Sept. 15

If you approve longer drinking hours here in Orlando to allow those who want to make downtown a bar area only and have people drinking more and more drunk drivers out there killing our citizens of Orlando then you will lose 1 vote here when your up for re-election

Mark Stapleton

Sept. 15

Dear Mayor Buddy Dyer,

Having looked at your website I would like to seek your professional advice and opinion on purchasing a property in Florida.

I am seriously considering purchasing a holiday home in Highlands Reserve, Florida for my family and would value any advice you or your colleagues can provide on the Political, Economic, Social areas that I should be aware of.

As part of my background, I am a UK citizen working for a major clearing bank within the Corporate business of the bank and will be looking to travel across to Florida next month if a suitable property can be found.

I am corresponding with IPG Management Inc who have been highly recommended by a colleague and I have found them to be extremely professional to date.

I realise this may be an unusal request and would be extremely grateful for any assistance you can provide

Kind regards,

Mike Newing

Sept. 16

Dear Mayor Dyer,

As a citizen of Orlando and a new parent of 14 months I feel compelled to register a complaint about Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights Outdoor Advertising. I find the current image of the blood-splattered crazed "director" holding a video camera offensive and not in the public's best interest. Clearly he is witnessing or filming the aftermath of a very violent act. Outdoor advertising as a medium does it's share to deface the evergreen beauty of our community, and a disturbing image like this takes it one step further.

Outdoor is not a medium where you can "turn the channel" or look the other way. It's there. There's no avoiding it. And we are forced to explain to our children riding with us why that image exists. A gentlemen I work was saying those boards actually gave his kids nightmares. Universal might say, "Hey advertising works." But I would hope their intent would be to fill the park and not little children's heads with indellible horrific images.

If we as a community can demand that a sexually suggestive billboard for our local sports team be removed, why can't we raise the issue that "pleausrable murder for our viewing pleasure" is equally offensive.

I encourage you to visit the Halloween Horror Nights website and see this same character videotaping someone being electrocuted in a bathtub. We, as a society, have reached a sad state when the shock value of advertising has taken such a dark turn.

I know you're busy and there are a million more pressing issues facing you today. This particular item happens to be staring me in the face no less than three times on my daily commute and I'd like it removed. Could you please forward this complaint through the proper channels.


Ross Snodgrass

Orlando Citizen
But Most Importantly, Concerned Father

Sept. 16


I'd like to show you a quick 10-minute online demo of how our HipLink software provides wireless messaging integrated across all devices and carriers. This demo will enable you to quickly assess whether HipLink can improve the timeliness and dependability of your wireless text messaging.

Would you be available either next Monday or Tuesday at 2:00 your time? If so, I'll plan to have our lead engineer join the call to answer any technical questions you might have about HipLink.

Please let me know what time would be good for you, and I'll set up a call then. Thanks much!


Sept. 16

Good morning, I currently live in New jersey. I am a School Clerk we ae goverment placed (Civil Service) do you offer position there (Civil Service) ? We are thinking about relocating and I would hate to loose my pension, benefits, etc.

Nelson Zayas

Sept. 16

you have to be the biggest scum bag i have ever heard off.

[email protected]

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