DAILY WEEKLY READER: Charlie Crist writes a book, professional wrestling dinner theater is a real thing in Orlando, SeaWorld disses Universal & more

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Charlie Crist is writing a book “Some moments are glossed over quickly, such as the criminal conviction of former Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer. Greer had been hand-picked by Crist to run the party.”  Well, that’s not shocking at all

but what is shocking is

Jim Greer’s deposition, in which he alleged all manner of nefarious doings on the part of the Crist-led Republican Party of Florida, including the following quotes straight from Greer’s mouth:

"They were talking about keeping blacks from voting. Having the Party pay for those amendments, those constitutional amendments. Then having taxpayers pay to fund the defenses. It was a very hectic day.

I think we came from my conference room into my office, because there was a meeting in the conference room where the House and Senate were trying to find a way to have the taxpayers pay for opposing those constitutional amendments, because they didn't want, they wanted to find ways to restrict voters from voting."

"I just felt it was best for the Republican Party for me to resign, let someone else take over. The Governor [Charlie Crist] told me not to do it. He said, you have to go out in a body bag. He told me a week before, a week before I resigned he said, you have to go out in a body bag. You are the last Marine at the gate, and you cannot do it."

"The ultimate cause of my resignation and my decision was the Governor [Crist] had abandoned his responsibility to raise money for the Party. ... One time he – I told him we have to get back to raising money for the Party. He told me to fuck the Party. They were a bunch of crazies. And they did nothing to win elections."

"You can look at my schedule to see when I met with Kirk Pepper and Jim Rimes, which was the day that they talked about not letting blacks vote, crawling out from under rocks, and minority outreach programs were not fit for the Republican Party."

"It was RPOF's position from legislators, to other people within the Party, that the general public has no right to know anything that goes on within RPOF. And they made that clear to me every time it was raised."

Read more about Jim Greer’s deposition and get the transcript of the deposition itself here.

Hulu Plus is unleashing a new series called the Hotwives of Orlando "Following in the bedazzled footy-prints of all the other ‘INSERT BLANK here Wives from BLANK’ series, this spoof embraces the format of the middle-America staple that is reality TV and regurgitates it as a glitter-covered hair-weave ball on your Jimmy Choos."


Orlando now has a professional wrestling dinner theater "For some reason, his Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater outside Orlando hasn't reached Medieval Times-style levels of success just yet."

 SeaWorld analysts pooh-pooh Universal Orlando's Harry Potter expansion "SeaWorld officials have 'stated that they don't expect as much initial demand with the Harry Potter 2 opening as they saw with Harry Potter 1, due to the lack of new books, movies and media associated with the franchise,' the unnamed analyst wrote in an article posted this week for Seeking Alpha, an investment news and research website."


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