Creed singer Scott Stapp expresses his feelings on Trayvon Martin case

He also has feelings about President Obama, the IRS, civil rights and Edward Snowden


While most of the national hive-mind buzzed around the sweet, sweet honey of George Zimmerman’s rehabilitation from “accidental” killer to SUV superhero of Sanford last week – seriously, did that even happen, and where’s our tinfoil hat? – everyone’s least favorite gravel-grunt of self-importance, Creed lead singer Scott Stapp, emerged from his own irrelevance on July 20 to tweet his creed on some TrayvonObamacareSnowdenGate conspiracy mess. Turns out the sometimes drunk, suicidal, wife-beating Jesus freak has scratched together an opinion on world matters, and took to the expanded “twitlonger” (ha!) format to expand upon them.

“It seems very convenient for President Obama to help perpetuate this ‘national distraction,’” Stapp sacrificed. “Yes the civil rights of ALL Americans is [sic] vital to our democracy, but not even an issue in the Trayvon Martin case.”

Right. So, grumpy white guy pulls race-baiting card on the president; news at 11. But things get a little worm-holier as Stapp rambles on. To wit: The IRS is targeting people; Obama cheated to win the election; Edward Snowden is awesome; “smoke screens” are not. Stapp, who never met a crucifix he didn’t want to hang from, is on to all of this mess, and he seems to be charting it – a bit like Creed used to chart when the country was clearly in a bad spot. Welcome to the countdown!

“Americans need to remember not to get distracted from what the most relevant priorities are right now in our country,” he goes on and on. “Yes, civil rights for all is in the top 10, don’t get me wrong, but it should not distract us from socialism and governmental abuse of power, which is the reality of the Obama administration and D.C. today.”

Yep. He’s created his own prism. Move along.

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