Fair and balanced

I applaud the Orlando Weekly. This is the only paper that has given "all" the candidates a fair share of the story `"Rumble in District 8," Aug. 21`. Billy `Manes`, this is not off the record: I thought your piece was a good piece. It was very fair and very balanced. This is the only article that has ever been written about the race that doesn't just focus on the money in the race. As a citizen, and not as a candidate, I am glad that the Orlando Weekly exists as an alternative to the Orlando Sentinel, which has given candidates like myself and Alex Fry no attention.

Unlike the Orlando Sentinel, your piece has stuck to its purpose and informed the people of an important race. Again I applaud you Billy and the Orlando Weekly.

Quoc Van, Orlando

Happy Valley happy

Thanks so much for the great Happy Valley article and album review in the recent Orlando Weekly `Music, Aug. 21`. Thomas Lloyd did a great job transcribing our conversation we had with him. Bao Le-Huu's review is also much appreciated and filled with great insight. For more heavy-hitting renditions of our new songs, I'd recommend he come see us live. We're all very pleased and surprised with the generosity of offering us a full page in the issue — "awesome," as they say.

There's one thing, though: I'm Dutch, not Danish. But I guess that's the same thing for you Americans.

Rogier van Etten, via the Internet

One critic's opinion

Megan Bardoe's opinion regarding the curators' art selection at Bay Two versus the Millennia Gallery's Best and the Brightest is simply her opinion `"A lesson on showcasing fresh talent," Aug. 14`. There are those who believe comparing the two venues was a bit of a stretch because the only things they shared in common were art and the degree of talent and consistency selected by the respective curators.

It's doubtful that Bardoe was the only person at the event who questioned the justification for a $7,000 price tag, since the artist in question is relatively new and unknown. Asking seven grand for your work when you're an unknown takes balls the size of Alpha Centauri, but to that artist it may have been worth $10,000 and at Bay Two he reduced the price for a quick sell. I'll never know.

The students from the New York School of Visual Arts, who exhibited at the Millennia Gallery, have scores of world-class museums, galleries and libraries at their disposal, in addition to unlimited art-related resources and the rich art history of New York City itself. Those resources are a creative stimulus that most cities, including Orlando, are clearly lacking. Yet in spite of our lack of creative resources, there are some extraordinarily gifted and talented musicians, writers, artists and curators here compared to the Orlando of 20 years ago.

 For any artist, curator or event coordinator to expect everyone to see with their eyes and not have a single negative opinion about their event is clearly delusional.

 Douglas J. Nesbitt, via the Internet

More subjective, please

I doubt you have spent any time actually analyzing the work of `Blue Meridian`. It seems that you find it easier to retread old reviews of the band and bask in your derivative glory than actually put any effort into understanding the material you review `This Little Underground, Aug. 14`. If a band doesn't play the style of music you like, admit it, but be genuinely subjective rather than dismissive for the sake of pretensions. I believe readers expect a reviewer's opinions to be more substantive and based more on educated analysis than an attempt to stroke the reviewer's own ego.


Corrections Department

In last week's cover story ("Rumble in District 8," Aug. 21) we incorrectly reported that candidate Quoc Van was the only challenger in the District 8 race to qualify by petition to be on the ballot. In fact, Alan Grayson also qualified by petition.


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