I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I saw Seth Kubersky’s review of Little Shop of Horrors `“Monsters Inc.,” Oct 9`. I attended the same performance Mr. Kubersky did and found the show one of the best pieces of theater I have ever seen in Orlando. The show was not “overproduced and under-rehearsed” as Mr. Kubersky said; it was directed with skill in a unique and different way. Dan Roche, the director, avoided the clichés of the characters that most productions fail to realize. Mr. Kubersky had his own opinion of how these characters should be portrayed and was not open to any other interpretation.

Obviously the audience felt the same way I did because they jumped to their feet during the curtain call. I’ve read other critics’ reviews of the show and they’ve all been raves. Congratulations to Gramercy Theatre at the Plaza for an excellent job! Their Little Shop of Horrors clearly delivers!

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This article appears to be a well-thought-out and well-structured review of a show `“Monsters Inc., Oct. 9`. In fact, the author seems to be trying to be nice more than trying to say anything harsh. It appeared balanced yet commented on the experience. The Weekly gets it. They just don’t get the same thing you got and demand they get.

As to the lack of “technical pop,” I would say the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, the Orlando Rep, the Orlando Ballet, the Orlando Opera, etc., have it. But they seem to not count as does Gramercy. Shame. Because they are great. How about La Nouba or Blue Man? They give a great show of technical pop, minus the self-declared, self-applauding, self-centered ego that was contained in `director Dan Roche’s` curtain speech.



Rob Brezsny `Free Will Astrology`: All this talk about that $700 billion bailout got me to thinking: What would I, as a Libra, do with $700 billion? Here’s what I would do.

First, I’d throw the ultimate Halloween party in the late Heath Ledger’s Manhattan apartment. I’d hire Britney Spears and Beyoncé to perform songs from their new CDs and I’d hire horror movie legend Christopher Lee to conduct a midnight séance to contact the spirit of Heath Ledger. I’d fly the staff of the Orlando Weekly there, business class.

I would also do a remake of the cult classic Barbarella starring Angelina Jolie – it would be worth $100 million just to see Angelina Jolie do that floating striptease – Michael Douglas, Ryan Reynolds and Jane Fonda. I’d hire Duran Duran, who took their name from the villain in Barbarella, to do the soundtrack.

I’d buy the old McCarthy building in Winter Park and convert it into an art studio where I’d work on a series of sculptures based on mythology. I need the McCarthy building to do this because the sculptures are big and I like to sculpt in the nude.

Wes Pierce, Orlando


I do not think it is unreasonable for people to show proof of identification to vote `“Roadblocks to the ballot box,” Oct. 2`. Otherwise, anyone who so desires could easily get registered in multiple precincts or counties and could vote more than once.



My first trip to Spanish South America was a big surprise for, among other things, how dry and tough South Americans seem to like their meat `“Tuber-steak boogie,” Food & Drink, Oct. 9`. But once I got used to a sore jaw and some loose teeth, I realized that, first, their meat is basically grainier and less tender than American meat. But their meat was so damn much more tastier than ours.

I grew up on rare steaks, with blood still dripping from them. After several trips to South America, I now revel in tasty medium-well with lots of char, fairly dry but very
tasty steaks.

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