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Digs the Beat

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading Police Beat. Every once in a while you need to hear that your efforts are truly appreciated, and they are.

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All going to hell

This is a late response to the "This Modern World" cartoon `Sept. 25`. The comment (paraphrased) "You have to save us because otherwise we'll take you down with us" seems to illustrate the problems with the finance industry.

We have worked hard to evolve a ruthless, predatory economy run by the largest, most shortsighted private interests and sanctioned by a government that will not correct its excesses. Why should we be surprised when it delivers a "product" like the current financial meltdown, as it has many times in the past?

Why should we go back to the status quo, business as usual? To what end? Maybe in another cycle societal, not just financial, collapse awaits. The fundamentals of the economy, supposedly sound, have seen the creation of suburban McMansions. Filling them with stuff produces dummies who drive everywhere because it is too sprawling to walk and we are too lazy to ride a bike. We are trampling the planet under our feet as if it were worthless and infinite, as if only what we do is important. On an infinite planet, these ideas and actions would be fine.

Carl Wessels, Orlando

Don't shave, Billy

This is in response to the story about Billy Mays `"Mad man," Oct. 16`. Mays: Now that you're a big success, don't go all metrosexual on us and shave off your beard.

Look at all the examples of handsome men with facial hair who made the mistake of going metrosexual: Burt Reynolds shaved off his mustache to star in Striptease and it bombed. Tom Selleck shaved off his mustache to star in a sitcom and it bombed. Singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson — who wrote "Help Me Make It Through the Night," one of the greatest songs ever written, shaved off his beard to star in Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid and it bombed. He also shaved off his beard to star in Rollover and it bombed.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

Go away, West

Barbara `West`, seriously. The shallow FOX News channel will not hire you because you're not young and blond enough, even though you clearly can read talking points `Bloggytown, Oct. 25`. So why try out for them using our local newscast `WFTV Channel 9`?

Let's look at your questions: "Aren't you embarrassed by the blatant attempts to register phony voters by ACORN?" First of all, ACORN has thousands of employees and volunteers registering voters, and some of the registrations they collect will be erroneous (or even silly, like "Mickey Mouse"). But ACORN is legally required to turn them all in, even if they know they're incorrect. They even flag the bad-looking ones for supervisors of elections (though ours chooses to ignore these flags). How could you waste an interview with our probable next vice president on a GOP talking point?

Your second question, about "spreading the wealth," was asked as if it had been an inexcusable gaffe. It wasn't, and the whole subsequent "Joe the Plumber" stunt has failed to gain traction. To follow this with a third question supposing Obama is a Marxist is lunacy. Both McCain and Obama have tax plans that would subsidize the incomes of our poorest citizens, and both would cut taxes.

Your fourth question, about the world testing Obama, would have been valid but for your ending on the supposition that Obama would do nothing in a crisis. Perhaps you're jaded by Bush's lack of action on Sept. 11.

Your lack of follow-up to Biden's answers shows a likelihood that your questions were written by someone else, perhaps a higher-up at WFTV. Your credibility has taken a serious hit. I hope that you're held accountable, `and that` those who supervise you are as well.


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