Big ups

Thank you so much for your input on this very special election `Happytown™, Oct. 30`. It's pretty difficult to decipher who's who these days and what they're really about, except when you develop a website stating how surprised you are that you were allowed to run for office and be against blacks and Jews!

The last thing anyone can afford is to vote the wrong bozo into office. The amendments are especially tricky. Written with so much double talk, you need a calculator to determine the number of "prohibits" and "authorizes" before you know if this amendment is actually for or against something!


Amateur hour

Regarding 91.5-FM WPRK `"This little underground," Oct. 16`: Do you listen to this station? Readers? Bao `Le-Huu`? Probably not. For good reason. Way too many bad or just plain lazy DJs. Ever listen to the local show on Fridays? What a train wreck Orlando must be if that's what gets airplay.


The holy grail

Ah yes, the holy grail of the base of the Democratic party: abortion rights from conception through birth, because hey, this is a women's rights issue and a developing fetus is part of a woman's body and the government has no right telling women what to do with their bodies! This is all pure bullshit, of course; infanticide is not a woman's right,.Only if the life of the mother is at stake or in cases of rape and incest within zero to six weeks of pregnancy should abortion be allowed.


Just plain silly

I believe the parts of `Religulous` featuring the Vatican astronomer and the Italian priest were among the most telling `"Cast the first stone," Film, Oct. 16`. Of all of Maher's interviewees, they gave the most intelligent and logical answers, which is why Maher had little to attack them with.

Maher's thesis is that fundamentalist religious views are both misguided and dangerous, a thesis which can be well-supported if looked at objectively. His interviewees support his thesis, with the Vatican astronomer claiming it is illogical for people to try to associate scientific empiricism and logic with biblical texts, which were written in a completely different era. Thus, people who view the Bible as a literal text as an account of history are ignorant and illogical.

I'm sorry, it's not a miracle that a man lived inside of a giant fish for three days. It's just plain silly.


Didn't get the joke

I don't think in any way did Maher display an inferior intellect `in Religulous` — actually he was quite brilliant `"Cast the first stone," Film, Oct. 16`. It apparently offended your religious sensibilities, Steve Schneider; your obvious contempt for the subject matter is rather thinly veiled.

The movie was actually quite funny and at NO time was Maher having to stalk "easier prey" or finding himself perplexed by these ridiculous theologians. I think anyone who wasn't threatened by Maher's clearly existential views here would find this a very funny movie filled with plenty of irony and good humor. Of course if you do believe that an anthropomorphic god created the earth 5,000 years ago and populated it with two people and a talking snake, then you just might not get the humor.


Ewww, creepy

In reference to the "Ewwww, scary!" `Oct. 30` masks in the paper, there was one missing: Casey Anthony. A mask made in the likeness of the alleged child killer who has haunted Orlando for nearly a year would be ideal for Halloween. Of course it would have to come with one of those "Have you seen Caylee?" T-shirts, one of which was infamously worn by Casey Anthony.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

[email protected]
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