Anthony away

Jeffrey C. Billman: You took the words right out of my trashcan, because that's where I threw all this nonsense when I finally pulled myself away from this sci-fi spectacle of wasted time `Casey Anthony coverage`.

I have been reading `Bloggytown` here, with my wife listening to me laughing my butt off every few lines; she has come over to look over my shoulder to see what is so funny. I said, "You have to read this for yourself," because it is the truth and you can't make this stuff up, you just can't. I have been sucked into this, whatever you want to call it, Floridiots scenario on CNN, and I am just done with it. You nailed it top to bottom. You sound like a cool person and know what's up outside of the usual Floridians that I have encountered, and I have stories. Isn't there a spray or ointment you can purchase to keep this kind of people away from you?

Mark Mcallister, via the Internet

Foreclose on this

Regarding your column item about the Orlando Foreclosures Expo `Happytown™, Nov. 13`: If your editorial team would have followed basic journalistic techniques learned in Journalism 101 and actually taken the time to interview Phil Peachey, it would have learned that the Expo is intended to not only serve as a forum for real estate industry professionals and investors, but also to provide consumers facing foreclosure with guidance on how to sell their home and escape the problem.

If you, personally, were facing foreclosure, wouldn't you want to find a pool of investors who would buy your home and help you get out from under your mortgage? Obviously those selling their respective homes will get what they owe on their mortgage. As far as investors buying bank-owned homes at pennies on the dollar, that is a wise investment. Is it better to buy a stock when it is at a high value, or when it is down — as many stocks are right now?

Because of your laziness, you failed to paint an accurate picture of what the Orlando Foreclosures Expo is all about. Perhaps, in the near future, you will take the time to talk to the event organizers, sponsors like Wachovia, and individuals who understand that this is a positive event.


Everyone's a critic

The cover of the Nov. 6-12 issue of Orlando Weekly was the best cover ever; Shan Stumpf did a great job of designing it. But a better Obama story would have been, "Michelle Obama and Gayle King bust in on Barack Obama at Oprah's love nest."

Wes Pierce, Orlando

The biggest scam

The government took everyone's money, not AdSurf Daily `"Freeze frame," Nov. 13`. I purchased advertising and I did not expect to get my money back. What I was getting were rebates for looking at sites advertised. My initial purchase money, by the time the government raided the business, had already given me three times as much in rebates, and I also had done business with several of the other advertisers.

In fact every evening, while surfing, I was placing in my favorites all the sites that I was interested in and that I thought I could do business with. After a while, I had a library of sites from all over the country that were of my interest. The business worked fine and I was getting ready to pull 10 percent of my rebates when the government butted in. It was a disgrace.

I hope it all will get back to normal and that I will be able to keep advertising my business and make my rebates at the same time. And yes, I did have people calling me from my advertising on the site. The government should arrest themselves for running a true Ponzi scheme called Social Security.


Digs the beat

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading Police Beat. Every once in a while you need to hear that your efforts are truly appreciated — and they are. That's all.

Douglas Beck, via the Internet

[email protected]


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