Hat trick

I too wear a size 7 7/8 hat `"The hat is the answer," Holiday Guide, Nov. 20`. I have found nice hats in my size, in a modified fedora style — a slightly smaller brim, between fedora and porkpie — for $14 in the men's clothing section at Target on Colonial Drive. They have other styles of caps too, such as the cabbie.

Edwin White, via the Internet

Defense of ‘marriage'

I'm with Barack Obama. If people want "civil unions" with the same legal rights as married folks, that's fine. But don't take a biblical term that is hundreds of years old and used in our law and warp it to suit deviant relationships.

You can make everyone get "civil unions" and strip the word "marriage" from the law, or create "civil unions" in the law for same-sex couples and leave "marriage" for heterosexuals, but don't think you can take marriage and apply it to all fucked-up relationships, including the ones that involve sticking a sex/urinary organ through a spicy doughnut ring and into a digestive-system organ meant to discharge feces from the body.



`Kafé Kalik` sounds like something I want to try soon `"It's probably better in the Bahamas," Food & Drink, Nov. 20`. However, I wish the reviewer hadn't said "Bahamian rhapsody." I have a hard enough time with my roommate who thinks that bohemians are from the Bahamas!


How women destroy men

Women see gay men as non-"threatening" and irrelevant to their lives. These are men they can instantly feel superior to; someone you have little respect for and who openly engages in grotesque behavior is in no position to be judgmental toward you or offer any meaningful advice. But if they're nice and sensitive, they're easy to vent to.

Older women may or may not be qualified to talk about relationships, depending on what they've accomplished/experienced in life. That old sex-therapist lady on Lifetime may have had a lot of sex in her life, but I guarantee she'd have zero credibility with the church-lady crowd.

Assertive, confident, capable, hardworking heterosexual men are a major "threat" out of jealousy and envy for their positions. Women wage never-ending warfare to tear these guys down (barbed comments, subtle backstabbing, etc.) and always pounce when they falter. Many women seem to wind up with wimpy and unassertive men, or men they've made wimpy and unassertive with the henpecking and tearing down to feel better about themselves, and will always fail to see that they are the ones with most of the problems, since it's all about angling and posturing themselves to feel better than everyone else, all the time, in any possible way they can.


We're famous

Hey, the Orlando Weekly made the local news `Nov. 4`. The issue featuring the mask of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain `"Ewwww, scary!," Oct. 30` was pulled from a voting precinct in Altamonte Springs because voters were "appalled" by it. A TV news station did a story on it. Oh, and the woman who complained about the issue was a first-time voter!

You should do an article about why she was "appalled" and why she's lived in America all her life and never voted.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

Good sushi, bad reviewer

Clearly the author knows nothing about the "wilds" of east Orlando `"Above the fold," Food & Drink, Feb. 12, 2004`. Last time I checked in the area, there were no used-car lots around. Snob.

But he is right about one thing in the review: Origami. It is my favorite restaurant to get sushi in the east Orlando area, and there are at least six sushi restaurants within five miles of the campus of the University of Central Florida.


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