Serving homos and pervs

I was sitting at Panera Bread at Lake Eola on Sunday afternoon, enjoying the weather, when this father and son sat at the next table. "No big deal," I thought as I went back to just relaxing. Boy, was I wrong!

The son was 10, maybe 11, and said to his dad, "Hey dad, do you think Bush was a good president?"

The father replies saying, "Some of his things were good, but not all."

Then the boy leaps from his seat and says, "Well, you've gotta see this." The kid runs out of the sitting area in front of Panera to the Orlando Weekly stand, grabs a paper and comes back. The kid proceeds to read the cover story on `President George W.` Bush `"The end of an error," Jan. 15` as if his father were illiterate. And his father responds, "That paper is for homosexuals and perverts!"

I swear I have never been so mortified in my life. Not only was this useless father telling his soon-to-be-hateful son that it's a bad paper, but he was putting homosexuals and perverts into one group! Last time I checked, we "homosexuals" aren't our own species. And if you look at the facts, most "perverts" are heterosexuals.

I got up and walked away, glaring at the father and saying, "I love my boyfriend!" I just had to share this, because as an avid reader of the Weekly, I find that it's a lot better than the Sentinel which makes up half the crap they put in it. At least the Weekly is an outlet for us homos and pervs!

via the Internet

First draft

Thank you very much for being so precise in your article about the worst president in U.S. history `"The end of an error," Jan. 15`. I wish more people could take time to read such very important historical material. I am curious how you've tracked everything. It is an awesome feat of documentation! Thank you and congratulations!

Luis Paschoa, via the Internet

Honor the office

Shame on you putting our president's picture on the front page `"The end of an error," Jan. 15`. If you do not like it here move to another country. And let me know in two years. If America is the best in the world, I think no matter how bad our President is we should have more respect. He is our leader who was put in office by us Americans.

You as a writer should set a good example. I do not know how old are you, but go and join the Army. Put in three years, and then go and make those bad remark about our president.

I am American and I proud of my president no matter if he is a Democrat or a Republican.

Rafael Segarra, via the Internet

A shot too cheap

I'm not sure who wrote the BS about me in "Cheap Shots" `Jan. 8`, but I'd like to address it.

First off, Spoiler Alert was not an "art party," nor was it ever promoted as such. Spoiler Alert was a curated art exhibition that ran for 30 days and consisted of four (not two) mid-career artists, from New York, Seattle and St. Petersburg, all of whom are relevant working artists in the world of contemporary art, not just the local Orlando artists scene. It's obvious that whoever wrote this piece really has no clue about what's going on in contemporary art, and they certainly have no clue of what it takes for me to put something like this together.

Now about your misconception of an art party. The opening reception was meant to have a lively, upbeat energy, where artists and patrons could interact in a social setting. Bringing in a DJ to play music at an opening reception is just as common as hanging artwork on the walls. That doesn't make it an "art party," that makes it a tolerable atmosphere for most of the people that support art shows.

You can label them whatever you want, but I don't see any of you out there making the same efforts, spending the same money and bringing the same quality of work to the city. And, even if it's an art party or an art show, there is still an effort being made to help boost awareness and get people more actively involved in the arts in Orlando, and for that alone your paper should recognize the efforts being made.

Dustin Orlando

[email protected]
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