Safe and faggoty

I happened to read "The magic homo" `Feb. 26`. I really liked it. I'm glad someone else noticed this thing going on in films and TV. I was calling it the "Uncle Tomming of gays."

I've started seeing a lot of fluffy, safe faggoty behavior in movies and TV. It's very reminiscent of how blacks used to be in films and TV: light, funny etc. Your subtitle, "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride," is appropriate. It's like the gays are there to help sprinkle the fairy dust to help straights find love and self-empowerment. Then the gays go off on their own, alone or just with their gay friends.

Jimmy James, via the Internet

Our long reach

I have been a loyal reader of your paper for many years and have enjoyed and appreciated the depth of most of your editorials and featured articles. This is the reason that I reached out to your paper regarding our Tea Party rally `Happytown™, March 19`. Though I was aware of your political "lean to the left," I felt sure that your paper would not misrepresent the facts or defame an organization without cause simply because your staff may disagree with what it stands for.

As a news organization with millions of readers, many of which are gay/lesbian, you should want to include and inform them of the content of our constitution.

In our attempts to put on a non-partisan rally, we have encountered dozens of groups that have tried to manipulate our cause to push their own personal agenda. We have not endorsed their causes, allowed any to speak, or included them in any of our preparations as to keep the event for the people and not to offend any group. We have even declined an offer from the former Republican speaker of the Florida House to contribute.

When I read your issue this morning regarding our event, I was disturbed to see that the writers had completely misrepresented us as having an anti-gay agenda. This is absolutely not the case. The statement "how the Democrats want to turn your kids queer and how Sarah Palin will save us all," is a testament to their attempts to defame our organization and segregate individuals from our event by using your own words and ideas. We have made no reference toward the homosexual community, nor Sarah Palin.

I am sincerely amazed to find your organization has stamped its own political badge on us in a more harmful and far-reaching manner. I am personally appalled that your paper would not stand behind educating the public to their constitutional rights.

This statement was conjured from your representatives' imagination and is completely devoid of fact.

Christy Edney, via the Internet

Mr. Golden Sun

I wanted to thank Mr. Krulick for writing such a comprehensive piece `"Here comes the sun," March 19`. Having read numerous articles on renewable energy, solar energy, FITs and REDs (renewable energy dividends), this is the first one that completely spells out the full story in easy-to-understand language. Such education is needed to help move our country to renewable energy. Good job!

Maureen McHale, via the Internet

Remembering China Blue

In reference to the article about the cult classic Crimes of Passion, directed by Ken Russell `"Return of the X," March 26`: I haven't seen the movie in years, but I'll always remember the opening scene in which Kathleen Turner, as hooker China Blue, pretends to be a beauty contest winner giving her acceptance speech while her john performs oral sex on her.

Ken Russell also directed Gothic, which starred the recently deceased Natasha Richardson as Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. Like most of Ken Russell's films after Crimes of Passion, Gothic flopped at the box office in the United States.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

The republican brand

A lot of the problem the Republican brand faces is that its relevance is fading fast. It was easier to identify with the brand when Clinton wanted gays in the military and the United Nations formulating our foreign policy, when he was banging Monica and was rubbing our noses in multiculturalism and "tolerance," and Democrats running things at the state and local level meant cronyism and sleazy, broken, dysfunctional government. Obama is no Clinton; he and his wife love each other (for one thing), he is a very talented speaker and isn't consumed with polls and the media.

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