Our little Stalinists

As a past volunteer at Boone High School, it disheartens me that a school that has such high standards would fall prey to the games played by the superintendent `"All the news that's fit to censor," April 9`. If Mr. Blocker wanted to be mature about the situation, he would have had a meeting with the student in private, discussed the effect of the adverse language used in the feedback forum and left it at that. With all the talk of money shortages, it is inconceivable that money was wasted on this witch hunt when there was no obvious threat involved.

Are we now telling our young adults that they should express their opinion, but only if we agree with it? So instead of teaching and practicing American government, we teach one form and enforce a communist approach when it suits our needs. As a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran, I fought, defended and was disabled for the rights we have, to include freedom of speech. Should I consider this as a threat to our freedoms and file suit to ensure that those in the position of power do not randomly pick and choose when and where they use their authority?


Fascists get out

Apparently calling superintendent Ron Blocker a dumbass for doing something dumb means you can't get into the National Honor Society `"All the news that's fit to censor," April 9`. I didn't know it was a national (dumb) ass-kissing society. Superintendent Ron Blocker, principal Margaret McMillen, area supervisor James Lawson and spokeswoman Kathy Marsh should all resign from their teaching positions and move to Saudi Arabia or China, where their mentality is accepted. This is America. Get the fuck out, fascists.


Left wanting

I must agree to Bao's review of the Black Lips show `This Little Underground, April 9`. As a longtime fan, I am beginning to realize that they are a bit overrated. Yet, when I heard they would be coming to the Social, I was ready for the chaos to come with. Especially after last year's disappointment with Anti-Pop. When the Lips came onstage, the energy and earlier lacking crowd was all in. I was ready for World War III, but instead got Pearl Harbor, a one-trick pony. The set list could have been tighter, the psychedelic light show should've played throughout and maybe everyone could have had more to drink.

I left confused, happy and wanting more. Maybe that is what they were going for.

Christopher Garcia, via the Internet

Beware the Jesus dorks

It seems to me that new proposed marriage tax is two things: a preacher employment act and a sin tax on those who are wed under a civil ceremony `"Something stupid this way comes," March 12`. Violation of church and state separation and equal protection?

I see it this way: Those who already belong to a church or would marry in a church won't find this sanction odious, especially those congregations that already require premarital counseling. After all, private counseling is expensive so the natural place to go get marriage counseling would be from a minister.

So this is really a thinly veiled fee on people who'd wed under the auspices of a civil ceremony and decline to go to religious counseling (since the cost of private counseling would, of course, exceed the fee and for many be cost-prohibitive anyway).

And which churches could handle so many newcomers seeking their premarital counseling rebate? Mega-churches, of course. Can you say "membership drive"? I thought you could!

That also means this is also a hidden tax-revenue source as well, a tax on couples that want a civil ceremony not affiliated with a church. Or in other words, it's really a sin tax. I like that idea!

The religious right wants to tax secular marriages like a sin! Whirlwind romances on the beach? Hey, Florida's just taxing the sin, not the sinner! Come to think about it, wouldn't this violate separation of church and state? For those atheists, eloping romantics and green-card seekers, tough luck. But the churchgoers are exempt by default. Sweet deal. Somehow I don't think this'll prove a great boon to the Buddhists or Unitarian Universalists since there are never enough of them to go around.

Will the religious right just for once get off our backs? If they weren't so influential and persistent I'd just say they were their own worst enemy, but these Jesus dorks are a real threat!

Lee Rodgers, Winter Park

[email protected]


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