I read your story about the maker of the Caylee Anthony doll with interest `"If you think this doll is creepy …," June 18`. I still cannot fathom how anyone thinks this doll looks like Caylee Anthony! This doll was made with blond hair and blue eyes. Caylee had brown hair and brown eyes.

What is the big deal with this? What is the stink about this doll? True, the story gave us the insight into the manufacturer and the person behind the idea, but it doesn't even come close to looking like Caylee. If anything, it looks more like a miniature Chatty Cathy doll, not Caylee! Let's finally get over this obsession and move on to why her grandparents are defending their daughter, instead of honoring their granddaughter. (Contrary to their belief, you cannot do both.) Thank you for letting me sound off!

Patti Murray, via the Internet


The recent dispute between city workers and the mayor of Orlando shows up two issues `"Hosed," June 11`:

First, the closing of eight fire stations with EMT service will hurt those least able to handle it: the poor, the homeless, people of color. The firefighters, police and city employees have a more-than-just grievance regarding agreements being signed and not honored.

The second point centers on the unions themselves. Serious pressure is being put on the unions by leaders of the Democratic party, both locally and statewide, to mute and protest against the 342 layoffs. It really is past time for unions involved in this dispute to grow a pair. The attitude that everyone's union has its own agenda and never the twain shall meet is anathema to brothers and sisters standing together in time of crisis.

Building and construction trade unions have been screwed over regarding jobs on the three venues. Back in my day we shut down NASA over just this kind of dispute. We stood together. We fought and we won. In this case it's like unions are apologetic for having to demonstrate. Wake up! Step up! Grow a pair!

George Crossley, via the Internet


I am pleasantly surprised with the Orlando Weekly `"Hosed," June 11`. This was a well-written and thoroughly researched piece of journalism. Bravo, Mr. Jeffrey Billman!

Isn't it funny that the mainstream newspaper in this area cannot even approach this level of writing when it deals with local issues like this? On a side note, I am a city employee approaching retirement age. I see numerous young employees with lots of talent and promise being picked off by the lay-off pen. Some of the positions they've chosen to "delete" (their own words) make no sense. There was no strategic planning in which positions were cut. Add that to the buyout offers, and employees are going to bail out in droves, leaving city positions understaffed. Of course, they won't fill those openings either.

The situation is ridiculous, with Dyer and his staff playing chicken with the unions. As the article stated, the ink on these contracts hasn't dried yet. They negotiated in bad faith, and now they want a "get out of jail free" card. All I can say is that some very talented people are going elsewhere, and the city will be the poorer for it.



The Orlando fire and police departments have for years received the lion's share of the budget. Every time there has been a layoff in the past, they were not touched at all and the remainder of the city employees took the brunt of the "reduction in force."

OPD and OFD personnel do not give a hoot about the rest of the city employees who, I may note, make a heck of a lot less than they do and have a far more inferior retirement than the OPD/OFD boys and girls do. I am not crying any crocodile tears for them. The SEIU and laborers deserve the sympathy.



When I grows up I wanta be a basketball star, not no fireman `"Hosed," June 11`. It's a bling-bling thing. Cops and fire eaters are commonplace. Shiny objects, such as a new coliseum for sports, is validation. The city needs its sports rush. It needs Segway boys on their toys handing out maps to Disney characters' homes, and Muzak in all the trees down at Lake Eola.

Morgan Steele, Orlando

[email protected]
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