A scholarly critique of Bao

No matter what you `Bao Le-Huu` say in your column, it is only your opinion and it sucks `This Little Underground, Nov. 26`. You don't support all the "ass-busters" in this community. You write insulting, self-serving reviews which only support your drinking buddies, most of which suck and can't play their instruments and will never see the light of day outside of this town.

You really expect people to believe you're here to compel people to "taste" Orlando's music scene for themselves? You are full of shit. Most reviews of shows that you write on bands that I think are great are slanderous and vicious. So be thankful for this "truth," otherwise known as my opinion, which therefore makes me just as qualified to write this column as you are. You are a conceited prick, eat shit.



Mr. Bao `Le-Huu's` job is to comment on performances. He does it day in, day out. He knows what he's doing. It's a profession that takes just as much, if not more, effort than getting a band to the stage. I trust his opinions, he's on-target almost every time. I don't agree with all his opinions, but I respect the man and the work.

Now, if the `author of the above comment` will take a moment and get his panties unbunched maybe he'll get his act straight and quit cryin' and start kicking the jams out!


Too gay around here

I was looking to pick up the Watermark and accidentally grabbed yours `Holiday Guide, Nov. 19`. I gotta say, and I'm not the only one, this little town doesn't need two LGBT papers.

Just saying.


Too commercial around here

One would think the article `"Bartender," Holiday Guide, Nov. 19` is pretty condescending to the consumer who steps in the door: "Losers," but not losers. Island of Misfit Toys? It's so sad. He's just crazy, etc. Pretty darn condescending.

Perhaps the saddest of all is when these "losers," as you call them (human beings is what I would), come in for Christmas, the bartenders have only this in mind: "It's a good money-making night, too, because people feel sorry for you, having to work. Usually people are very generous. Your tip percentage is high, which is awesome. But they are very needy. You are working for your money that night."

Not, "I can lift their spirits." Not, "It is my priority to make them feel loved and welcome." No. "You are working for the money that night." Perhaps that is what you see people objecting to so much.


One question

Why do you let someone who did not even attend a show write a review on it `"Passage to indie," Nov. 12`? I don't understand. I wrote for an independent paper for a while, and this would have never been published. In order to give a fair review the writer must attend the show. Logical. Fair. Support the art and artist.

Instead, you allowed someone who probably knows nothing about music write a review of a show(s) they did not attend. I attended a few of the shows that your prick writer did not, and they were mind-blowing. Granted, the acts were not from Orlando and maybe you don't like that, but it was some of the best shows I have seen in Orlando. Namely Michael Parallax and Oh Fortuna. Give that person's job to someone that knows what they are talking about. Shame on you and yours.


You're welcome

Thanks for promoting all the shows that are open and opening `Live Active Cultures, Nov. 11`. The Orlando theater scene is blowing up and with support from patrons will absolutely thrive.

Paul Castaneda, Orlando

Corrections Department

In the Nov. 26 cover story "The public (TV) option," there were several reporting errors: Jerry Klein was the assigning manager at WESH; he did not work at WBCC but rather "tried a small business" before joining UCF.

In the Nov. 26 cover story "The public (TV) option," there were several reporting errors: Jerry Klein was the assigning manager at WESH; he did not work at WBCC but rather "tried a small business" before joining UCF.

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