Not a fan

Please don't take this note as, "Well, Billy `Manes` gets noticed and read." Quite the contrary! I have enjoyed your paper for years, however it's impossible to read anything written by him. How do you edit his pieces? Are you doing the same drugs as him so you can understand him? It's really embarrassing what he tries to say about Orlando.

I'd imagine he's your friend and the best thing a friend/editor can do is get rid of his piece and guide him to sober up and read his own work. After all, his writing can't get any worse. He may have talent underneath his blotches of words. For the good of Orlando Weekly and his health, I will keep Billy Manes in my prayers.

Bernadette Maier, via the Internet


So we haven't seen any new Salivation Army posts from Jessica `Bryce Young` in a while, and I thought a good one would be about Taco Bell's new Drive-Thru Diet with that super-sexy Christine Dougherty who used to be chunky. The Drive-Thru Diet commercials with Christine have been all over the college football bowls over the past few days. What do you think of Christine and the Drive-Thru Diet, Jessica?


The hand of God

Freedom Tray changed my life `Salivation Army, Dec. 2`. Before, my days were spent wandering through downtown Orlando, listless, shirtless, thinking only of my next soda fix, my next Big Mac, wondering where the heck I was gonna put it all. I had no direction, no purpose. Then I saw the light. Freedom Tray not only turned my life around, but it saved my sanity, my marriage and my dog's life.

It should be called Super Freedom Tray because that's what it is and what it does. It frees you from the hassles of life. It frees your mind from the hassles of thinking. Simply put, it is like being touched by the hand of God. Thank you, Freedom Tray!


Nothing to see here

I'll bet this picture `of a baby circus elephant on its side with ropes tied to its legs and handlers pulling on the ropes, Bloggytown, Dec. 16` is from some routine health procedure they do to keep the animal healthy. Of course they have to restrain the animal for health procedures, as is the case for all animals. No evidence of the animal being beaten. Not sure how tying up an animal and beating it would "train" it to do anything.


Not for the dim

This movie `The Road, Film & DVDs, Nov. 25` isn't about car crashes and explosions; go see 2012 for that. This is about what a parent would do to protect his child in the worst of possible circumstances and what it really means to be human. It is intelligent, thought-provoking and moving. If you are dim and just want a "trip," this movie isn't for you.


Can empathize

Children of Men is an entirely different story `than The Road, Film & DVDs, Nov. 25`. In Children of Men, the human population has maintained a higher level of organization and starvation is not a problem. These two films have distinct purposes. The reason for making the trip to see The Road is to expose yourself to a new experience through the medium of theater. The Road allows viewers to examine depth in human relationships as it is tested and revealed through extreme circumstances. It also allows for a closer look at integrity of human character as morals are tested and, in many cases, abandoned.

There is no place for "elements of entertainment" in this film; that would work against its purpose. There is no reason for character names. Whether or not a character has a name shouldn't play much of a role in whether or not you can connect with him or her. Nameless characters are more fitting for this story. "Why should we care?" Most of us can relate to having loved ones and wanting to be with, take care of and protect them. I was very sympathetic to these characters' endurance of such an unbearable situation, as opposed to most of the characters I could care less about whether or not they survive a tidal wave and find true love.


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