The Muggles speak

I think the Harry Potter attraction `Culture2Go blog, "A first look at Universal's Harry Potter attraction," June 2` was green-lighted partially for the appeal to all the British tourists who were coming over and spending lavishly all over the place, thanks to the favorable exchange rate with the Euro … too bad the Euro is tanking now, thanks to the welfare state Greece! If it keeps heading lower, the Brits are going to virtually disappear from Central Florida.


I rode this ride over the weekend, and five of the six members of my family were green afterwards. If you get motion sickness from simulator-style rides I would not recommend this ride. Usually I can just close my eyes and feel better but the ride moved around so much I was miserable.


Wax off

I'm stunned by your review of this movie `The Karate Kid, Film, June 9`. Four stars? Nothing negative? Holy crap! Talk about being an overzealous optimist. I'm not sure who or what you have a hard-on for in this movie, seriously, no negative comments? It fails on too many levels not to have a negative response of some form or fashion.

Sure, the action scenes were good, but the support cast is what makes it work. And while Jaden `Smith` has improved since The Day The Earth Stood Still, he fails to project the emotion for his character and ends up whining through the first half of the movie instead of showing frustration.

And I must bring up the executive decision to call this The Karate Kid in America while keeping The Kung Fu Kid for the international title. While I suspect the decision to do so for Americans was purely a decision of greed, keeping the international title was a decision of politics.

Overall, the movie gets one star from me, and while I know it will break even or profit slightly, it will be a stain on Jaden's resume for some time to come.


Let's PACE ourselves

PACE legislation and the integration of clean-energy technology into the districts and counties of Florida will do more for the economy of this state than any other measure `"Greener than green," UPFRONT, May 19`. Properly implemented, PACE programs using geothermal air conditioning, solar and other renewable technologies will make our lives more sustainable and affordable without adding any tax burden … actually providing a net positive tax result. Hats off to Brian Lamb and to the guys at


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