The religious right is neither (“Planned personhood,” Jan. 27, 2011). These people are hate-filled and wouldn’t do anything to help the women in need. Reproductive rights are each woman’s own choice. Not anyone else. Look at your own life. Are you doing everything possible for your children? How many kids have you adopted today? Those who harp on adoption probably haven’t adopted. Have you done any free babysitting for a single mom who is working two jobs: one to pay the bills and feed the kids, and the other to pay for 
the daycare?



We are designed, created and sustained by God. Every human being has value because we are made in His image. God says “You shall not murder.” His commandment is a standing order. To transgress His reasonable Law is sin, and the wages of sin is death. We disobey God’s command at our peril. Sexual sin is also soul-damning. Let’s face it, if a person does not want to have children they are free to refrain from intercourse and adoption makes abortion indefensible.



I would add, too, that although it’s obvious that this is a pro-abortion rights article, it’s encouraging to pro-life activists if one can read between the lines. [Planned Parenthood president and chief executive officer] Sue Idtensohn is correct when she expresses the disconnect between Planned Parenthood’s actions and their rhetoric. There is even a greater disconnect between their politics and public opinion. [Personhood Florida’s] Bryan Longworth is right when he says that the vast majority of Americans are pro-life. He doesn’t mean that the 
vast majority are pro-life without exception. He just means that virtually no one denies the humanity of the unborn child anymore. Even from a non-religious perspective that denies the existence of the human soul made in the image of God at conception, we ought to see the irony that we give more rights to cats and dogs than to a viable fetus at 24 weeks. Those of us who do believe in God are concerned that there are higher courts than the Supreme Court. If we kill over a million little ones in the womb each year, as the most often used method of “birth control,” then what might become of us as a people and a nation? What makes this any less than an American Holocaust?

Jay Rogers


“Even from a non-religious perspective that denies the existence of the human soul made in the image of God at conception.” I think you can be a Christian and religious and question the existence of a human soul made in the image of God at conception. After conception, the fertilized egg begins dividing. Does this dividing group of cells have a soul yet? Is the abortion of a fertilized egg that is dividing (i.e., through the use of birth control) murder and part of a holocaust? I think not.

On Birth Control


Before Roe, I have seen what an illegal abortion can do to a woman; I have also seen what happens when children have babies because abortion was not an available choice. I have also seen some true horrors which should have been aborted and weren’t because (at the time) the technology wasn’t available to see the deformities, so women had to carry a baby that could never really be a baby. Leave us alone and let us make our own choices; it is the woman’s body and ultimately the woman’s sorrow to birth and lose something that could never have lived anyway. 
Choice for all!



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