Having a Kow

Your review of Kow (This Little Underground, Nov. 11) was confusing to me. I was at both shows and they were more packed than I have ever seen it at either club, so it would seem to me that that warrants back-to-back nights at two venues.

I also wonder which it is: a “bonanza of talent” and “the most impressive chops in the world,” or an “endless noodle bowl?” I wish you had written with one opinion because it made your review sound uneducated.

Kow was magic and that has not been seen in years, so toast your new, boring empty club scene. You can have it. I, for one, thank all those guys for bringing back the magic even if it was only one weekend.

- Jodi Warner


I’ve got to respectfully disagree with your comment that the “city’s scene has evolved and deepened in color and edge” regarding the Kow show.

I can appreciate that you’re probably not into the genre, and that you’re a younger dude who would rather focus on the future instead of celebrate the past. But I’m hard pressed to see how our scene has ever matched the depth/color/passion that Kow had then – and, as witnessed at The Social (the only show I could make), still has now.

Having said that, I do want to commend you on your comment: “I was impressed with the bonanza of skill onstage.” It is cool that you’d point that out, even though you’re not a “jam band” fan. I realize that one man’s awesome may be another man’s “meh,” but I’m hoping that you’ll be able to see at some point that what Kow did at their recent show was far from a “played (out) concept.”



PUFFMM if you got ‘em

Thank you for the shout out for PUFFMM in Happytown. Some of us “stoners” have been working our asses off to change Florida’s marijuana laws.

It was a challenge the first year, just breaking down the walls of ignorance and stereotypes in a state that floats on pharmaceuticals. Many of us were naive enough to spend this election year looking for support from candidates that were supportive of introducing a bill in the statehouse and Senate. Needless to say, that was not a fruitful plan.

The petitions must be verified by the state before they can be considered as counted, so the optimist in all of us can only hope there are tens of thousands more waiting to be counted or sitting in some “stoner’s” clipboard atop a bongwater-warped nightstand. It should also be noted that each petition costs about a dime to verify.

To the genius who commented, telling us where we should go to collect petition signatures … WE ARE DOING THAT ALREADY, BRANIAC! The festivals have been kind, but after a year or so, you see the same folks. That doesn’t stop us from going, but it does have us preaching to the choir when we really need a wider audience.

I know for a fact that the press release the Weekly received was not the first one PUFMM has sent, looking for support. Many of us have been sending info and releases to local media the entire time. We need public support, not apathy and stoner jokes. We need media attention to focus on the failures of the war on drugs and deaths related to unnecessary pharmaceutical overuse.

We need family members who are sneaking weed to their loved ones with cancer and other diseases to not be afraid to tell someone it helps them. We need to let everyone know that on Oct. 27, 2009, the American Medical Association requested that the federal government reclassify marijuana as a Schedule 2 drug so it can be studied in all 50 states. Currently it is a Schedule 1, which classifies it as having no medicinal value. We need doctors that know better to feel safe enough to speak up in this state.

Basically, we need all the help we can get. Thanks for the forum and for always bringing bullshit to the surface. This is definitely the season for wearing boots.




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