Brutal new ad links GOP healthcare bill with Rick Scott

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is hoping to make waves with a Google "takeover" ad attacking the GOP health care plan.

The ad, titled "The Price," specifically highlights how Senators Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Scott's support for the GOP health care agenda will spike costs and strip coverage from hardworking families, the DSCC states in a press release.

"The ad will reach targeted voters in Florida who comprise key elements of the 2018 midterm electorate, including older, women and swing voters as part of an ongoing six-figure digital ad buy," says the DSCC.

Scott has yet to announce that he's running for Senate and has been vocal about his support for an Obamacare replacement. After the last failed attempt to pass Trump's healthcare bill, Scott claimed the bill was still "way better than Obamacare," despite the fact 24 million would've lost coverage.

The six-figure digital ad buy will utilize Google's "full-screen takeover" ad feature, which expands the ad content across the viewer's entire screen. The feature targets mobile viewers and those who watch light TV.

The ad first dropped in response to the GOP health care plan released in March, and it will now reach voters in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida who comprise key elements of the 2018 midterm electorate. Among those targeted are older, women, and swing voters.

"We’re standing with voters across the country in opposing a plan that is unpopular in every single state and will hold Republican Senators and Senate candidates accountable for their actions," DSCC Spokesman David Bergstein states in the DSCC's press release.

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