Are you forgetting something?

1. According to Mayor Glenda Hood, 2002 will be "the year of the arts." What was 2001 the year of?

(a) The year of tourism

(b) The year of the snake

(c) The year of low-cost auto insurance

(d) The year of the cat

2. Which local sports team celebrated the end of its season by not folding?

(a) Orlando Rage

(b) Orlando Lightning

(c) Orlando Predators

(d) Orlando Solar Bears

3. Who is Jessie Arbogast?

(a) A Mississippi tourist who lost an arm in a shark attack at a beach near Pensacola, then had the appendage reattached

(b) The NASCAR investigator who ruled that a broken seat belt was a factor in the death of Dale Earnhardt

(c) Terry Hummel's successor as president of the Orlando Visual Artists League

(d) The Orange County deputy sheriff voted out of Survivor Africa in Episode No. 2

4. What extracurricular business activity did WESH-TV Channel 2 anchor Wendy Chioji undertake this year?

(a) Principal investor in Church Street's Antigua nightclub

(b) Part owner of Winter Park's Euphoria Fitness workout facility

(c) Paid media consultant to the Orange County Regional History Center

(d) Silent partner in the law firm of Morgan, Colling & Gilbert

5. What did Orlando Magic owner Rich DeVos suggest local hoteliers do with tourist-tax monies?

(a) Take their "grubby little fingers" off them and devote them to the building of a new arena

(b) "Get up offa them" and devote them to replacing Florida's antiquated voting machines

(c) "Show some balls" by donating them to family-planning clinics

(d) "Stick 'em where the Phoenix Suns don't shine"

6. Which of the following did not take place in 2001?

(a) Nightlife magnate Jim Faherty was indicted on two counts of mail fraud in connection with an alleged scheme to defraud McDonald's Corp. of millions of dollars

(b) Joint Chiefs keyboardist-vocalist Jeff Nolan was arrested on charges that he stole a school bus and took it on a joyride through the downtown streets, hitting several cars and causing injuries

(c) Victor Thomas, an 18-year captain and watch commander with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison for trafficking counterfeit merchandise and planning to distribute about 18 kilograms of cocaine

(d) WTKS (Real Radio 104.1) "Monsters of the Mid-Day" on-air personality Savannah was hit with a palimony suit by a former boyfriend, who demanded a percentage of her annual income, a share of her CD sales and a radio program of his own on an unspecified station owned by Clear Channel Communications

Match the following quotes to the newsmakers who uttered them:

7. "No one died here."

8. "I don't like being attacked. I'm getting tired of it."

9. "I agree that, all things being equal, Florida companies should be given the business."

10. "Feminists can suck my fake titties."

11. "I don't consider disagreeing as being divisive."

(a) Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

(b) DJ Penelope Tuesdae

(c) Ed Turanchik, ringleader of the failed 2012 Olympics bid

(d) Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary

(e) Orlando City Commissioner Vicky Vargo

12. In 2001, which Orlando-area entertainment establishment advertised a "battle of the sexes" night on its marquee, helpfully clarifying that said event pitted "men vs. women?"

(a) RDV Sportsplex

(b) Roxy

(c) Southern Nights

(d) Aloma Bowl

13. Who is John Potter?

(a) Harry Potter's deceased father in the book and film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

(b) Postmaster General/CEO of the U.S. Postal Service

(c) The owner of Winter Park's Glaze Under Fire pottery studio

(d) Both (a) and (b)

14. What substance did former Howey-in-the-Hills mayor Greg Bittner tout as a cure for anthrax, despite evidence that its negligible medicinal qualities are far outstripped by its ability to permanently discolor a user's face?

(a) Red Dye No. 2

(b) Blue Star Ointment

(c) Colloidal silver

(d) Golden snitch

15. Which of the following is not an actual quote from the City of Orlando's executive director of arts and cultural affairs, Brenda Robinson?

(a) "We'd like to buy a big building for an arts center, and we definitely want more theaters."

(b) "There is so much planned for October. Everybody is so excited."

(c) "This is just our beginning."

(d) "Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

16. What did an employee stash in the freezer of a Maitland-area Chick-fil-A restaurant?

(a) 99 pounds of marijuana

(b) His girlfriend's newborn baby

(c) A self-created dummy in the shape of a human being

(d) Evidence that his brother was one of the Sept. 11 hijackers

17. According to rodenticide manufacturer Reckitt Bensicker Inc., where did Orlando place on its last two annual lists of American cities with the smallest rodent populations?

(a) No. 2

(b) No. 1

(c) No. 34

(d) Did not make the list

18. Who did Mayor Glenda Hood accuse of "journo-terrorism?"

(a) Pirate-radio host Rayon "Junior" Payne, for criticizing her administrative vision and former hairstyle

(b) An unnamed party, for mailing an envelope containing anthrax spores to the Boca Raton offices of American Media, Inc.

(c) The Orlando Sentinel, for a series of articles criticizing the Baldwin Park development project

(d) Orlando Weekly, just on general principle

19. For the seventh year, the mascot of the Toyota of Orlando auto dealership was a bull terrier named Mr. Toyota. What is Mr. Toyota's first name?

(a) Timmy

(b) Patches

(c) Tiffani; Mr. Toyota is actually a girl

(d) He has no first name; he's a dog, stupid!

20. Which of the following is not an official slogan used by an Orlando-area business in 2001?

(a) "A vacation from the ordinary"

(b) "Orlando's best half-day attraction"

(c) "We're not for the clothes-minded"

(d) "When Orlando music truly arrives, Jeff Nolan will be driving the bus"

21. What is the name of the discount-admission program instituted for Friday and Saturday evenings at the religious theme park Holy Land Experience, which opened in 2001?

(a) Miracles After Dark

(b) Jerusalem Nights

(c) Light Up Jerusalem

(d) Wet Hot Summer Nights

22. Following the trauma of Sept. 11, with which other religious denomination did the Southern Baptists agree to pray in interfaith services?

(a) The Mormons

(b) The Jehovah's Witnesses

(c) Nobody, at no time, nohow, no siree

(d) The Church of the Poisoned Mind

23. How did Walt Disney World spokeswoman Marilyn Waters characterize the company's Oct. 22 request that thousands of its salaried workers voluntarily cut their work week to 32 hours?

(a) A "sad but necessary" move brought about by an "unprecedented set of outside tragedies"

(b) A "temporary corrective" that would be mitigated by "extended benefits packages across the board in 2002"

(c) An "opportunity" for workers who wanted to work less "for lifestyle reasons"

(d) An "overdue reminder" to Central Florida workers that Disney can "knock them back on their orange-farming asses whenever we damn well please"

24. What is the term Orange County Chairman Richard T. Crotty coined last winter to describe an entertainment complex that combines bar facilities with tattooing, body piercing and the sale of club-kid merchandise?

(a) A "dance hall"

(b) A "rave mall"

(c) A "shopping center of sin"

(d) "Homer Hartage's house"

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