And how true

And how true

Thank you for Billy Manes' article ["Where's the sex?", June 2]. It seems as if the entire Gay Days event has morphed into a way to convince passersby that all of the drug-induced, binge-drinking anonymous sexual encounters are not true; that it is just a part of some right-wing agenda to condemn the lifestyle that we lead. But, unfortunately, it is all true, and the "gays" can fool themselves as long as they need, but it's reality. I once stood up for the community, saying that this was not the way of homosexuals: drugs and sex, partying and drinking. But truly, that's exactly what it is.

Yeah, the argument can be made that the "gays" come to Orlando and contribute to our economy, but at what price? Sure, we drink more and tip better … but it is only derived from an obliterated sense of security and self-worth. Sex and drugs are just a part of that. And coming to the "Happiest Place on Earth" only confirms the dysfunction. Ironic, isn't it? I especially enjoyed the comment that "We're not all Peter Pans flying over the straight world with a clever quip or two. … It's safer in Cinderella's castle."

Why wouldn't the "gays" choose such a happy place to try and convince the rest of the world that we are, in fact, the "perfect" lifestyle, at least on some unconscious level? By pouring so much energy into such a positive place, shouldn't it defer the negativity and showcase us in a brighter light?

Anyway, this is just me vomiting at the mouth, without any editing. I just agree with you that this entire thing is delusional. Thank you so much for speaking out and ripping the "cloak of invisibility" off all the shenanigans. Let's just hope that people can see it.

Name withheld

Missing the point

Your inclusion of Terri Schiavo in that Hummer full of fools on your May 26 cover cartoon ["Our dumb state"] goes way beyond tasteless. Like the morons you wrote about, the artist and the editors involved should be added to the list of truly stupid individuals.

Ken Carpenter, Windermere

Garabo smackdown

Dear O-Weekly, I've taken some time to chill out about Drew Garabo's terribly lame piece about Gus Wing, and now I'm ready to calmly respond to his idiotic Bad Sport column, "Wing & a prayer" [May 26].

I'm not averse to mocking anyone, even the recently deceased, and even mocking how they died, even when that someone was Gus Wing. Gus Wing was a good man, and quite likely he would have laughed at a piece poking fun at his death – had it been written with the slightest bit of originality, humor or talent.

I can respect a writer taking a risk and poking fun at someone who has recently died. But if a "writer" is going to do so, he should at least take the time to learn a bit about the man – to infuse his so-called joke with some sliver of the personality of the man he is mocking.

Garabo's writing is usually mediocre, but not as punishingly lame as this garbage. This piece was lame the way Asian rap is lame, the way French rock & roll is lame, the way … well, you get it. Had Garabo displayed even one iota of intelligence or talent in this piece, I might have been able to laugh. I was waiting for it to finally turn the corner, to show a single original thought, or a bit of understanding of the guy he took the liberty of mocking. Garabo pissed a couple hundred words of stupid clichés about skydiving, but never once revealed a bit of understanding of the sport of skydiving, nor of Gus Wing.

Oh, and by the way, Garabo – if I ever see you on the street, I'm tossing you a beating, throwing you in my trunk, bringing you to DeLand, waiting until the party has gone on well into the night and then saying to all the great people who were friends with Gus Wing, "Hey guys, guess what I got in the trunk?" I'd say "Use your imagination" to finish the story, but you obviously don't have one. (I guess I wasn't as calm as I thought).

If anyone unfortunate enough to have read Garabo's dreck wants to learn about what a great guy Gus Wing really was, go to

Marc John Randazza, Lake Mary


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