All the real girls (are somewhere else)

Since pride in our community rests at the tippy top of our to-do list always here at OW, we must give thanks to our newest qualifying overachiever in the neighborhood. 19-year-old go-getter, Kaitlyn Chana, who spells her name much fancier than I do. KaitlYn will be at the Altamonte Mall on September 11th to wow us with her accomplishments. Get excited.

See, the clothing outlet Aeropostale, which translates in English as "Fed-Ex," dubbed Kaitlyn (a "K" and a "Y"? really?) one of eight “Real Teen” contest winners nationwide, awarding her a $5,000 college scholarship for being a good person. Also probably for being founder and president of the admirable non-profit organization Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness. Kaitlyn’s organization creates, and accepts from volunteers, homemade greeting cards to give to children with life-threatening illnesses.

According to their website, the cards may not advise the kids to "get well" or "feel better" ("We want our Love Letters to be upbeat and positive!" Glees the website.) or reference any bible verses or contain "religious stickers" (Yay!) or include "peace signs" (Boo!) or reference the Zodiac. (Huh?)

It might've also helped Kaitlyn's chances that she was a torch bearer at the Montreal Olympics. The girl stays busy.

Kaitlyn, she of the fancy name, also just so happens to be good-looking. And, hey! So are all the other seven winners! That's probably for the best, because in a completely random happenstance, each of them are to be featured in Aeropostale’s fall advertising campaign! Hmm.

In another turn of good luck for our dear Kaitlyn (sic), her older sister, Megan Clementi (pictured right), is the current Miss Florida 2010 and is also coincidentally good-looking too!. Big sis Megan Clementi helped spread the word through her “My Year as Miss Florida USA” blog, asking readers to take a moment to vote for Kaitlyn. It worked.

So, Kaitlyn’s appearance on Saturday as “Real Teen” winner/civic leader extraordinaire will consist of free stuff and smiley speeches. The first 100 (100?! Big dreamers, they) attendees get a goodie bag. Kaitlyn gets $5,000. She wins again.

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