Alan Grayson does a Ask Me Anything

Congressman talks about Social Security cuts, refuses to post photo of himself with a cat


Sometimes we find ourselves wondering what ever happened to our former favorite friend/foe, Congressman Alan Grayson, but then we remember that he shifted to the west side of our Central Floridian window (Disney!) and stopped screaming clumsy/wonderful things at us and the world. We miss him!

Anyway, after a two-year hiatus, Grayson has now officially been back in Washington, D.C., for 100 days, and according to an April 12 press release on that matter, he’s still been “working hard for Central Florida”: He saved a Kissimmee air-traffic control tower from the sequester, worked for cyber security, has been “demanding answers” on the delayed Veterans Administration hospital in Central Florida, has been championing minimum-wage increases and pressed for comprehensive immigration reform, among other low-key (but awesome) things.

Our favorite thing that Grayson has done lately, though, was to partake in’s Ask Me Anything web phenomenon (on the same day as Louis C.K.!). (You can read the Ask Me Anything with Grayson here.) Many of the questions posed by fake-named avatars were of the expected variety, leaning heavily on looming Social Security cuts and congressional obstructionism. When asked, in short, “What the hell is wrong with Barack Obama?” Grayson retorted, “One could say that he hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up.” Ouch. Still, Grayson doesn’t believe that progressives need to engage in a schism with the Democratic establishment; rather, they should just pull a Tea Party and fight from within.

There’s still an air of Graysonism about the hulking man with the white stretch limo, though. He refers to Fox News as “Monty Python’s Lying Circus” (ha!), and, in addressing the possibility of medical marijuana in the state of Florida, Grayson suggests an “overthrow of the Tallahassee mafia.” “Can you please post a picture of yourself with a cat?” one fearless typist queried.

“No,” was Grayson’s reply.

At the end of the exhaustive ordeal, one person who apparently does not like Grayson very much (they do exist, you know), posted a question that was subsequently deleted, but not before Grayson could respond.

“Whatever. Sorry to have diverted you from Fox News, even for a moment,” Grayson typed.

“Go choke to death,” the nice questioner opined.

Civil discourse, alive and well. Don’t choke, Alan. We still love you.

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