A Longwood resident filmed a close encounter with a bear, and the FWC isn't happy about it

A video released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows a fearless black bear coming up to a woman in the Markham woods area in Longwood, Florida, and while nothing bad happened, the FWC isn't too pleased about the whole interaction. 

"While we are glad that no one was injured during the interaction captured on video, if this was an area where children were playing, the situation could have quickly turned tragic. People should be mindful that black bears are highly unpredictable, wild animals," said the FWC. 

Since 2012, there have been four people seriously injured in Seminole County by a bear. The FWC recommends never getting that close to a bear and to contact them immediately when they see a bear that's not afraid to get close. 

FWC's bear biologists are trying to trap bears in this populated black bear area since there have been two bear sightings in that area this week. 

The FWC continues working alongside Seminole County to make a proposal ensuring they get a portion of the $825,000 in bear conflict reduction funding available to local communities this year. 
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