A first on the agenda

June 12 marked the end of a nearly two-year battle for city councilman Ernest Page. It was the first time the council's agenda meeting was held in Council Chambers (City Hall to go?, April 27).

The agenda meeting, held an hour before the council's 2 p.m. meeting, is considered the forum where city governing actually takes place -- where the council, the mayor and her staff argue about legislation they will consider at their meeting. The 2 p.m. meeting, one observer says, isn't more than a "staged" event.

Until last year, the agenda meeting wasn't even recorded on audio. Against slight resistance from Mayor Glenda Hood, Page lobbied for moving the meeting into Council Chambers, where it could be recorded on audio and video.

"It's a permanent thing," Page said. "It would take an act of Congress to change it now."

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