19 questions with an Orlando resident: Frank Jones

click to enlarge Photo by Liza Rudd.
Photo by Liza Rudd.

Photo by Liza Rudd.

Welcome to 19 Questions, a feature where we ask longtime Orlando residents 19 questions that are mostly related to living in the City Beautiful.

Originally hailing from Missouri, Frank Jones has lived in Orlando proper since 2000 but bopped around Volusia/Brevard Counties a bit before that. Frank currently works at Electronic Arts and "begrudgingly accepts" that "other people" label him a hipster.

1. Who is your favorite Orlando resident, living, dead, real or fictional?

I have seen tons of people come and go. When I first moved here, Chris Brennan had the most interesting parties ... but Jack Kerouac would have to be my favorite of all. For the writing community that [he] has helped bring together here.

2. What's the best meal you've ever eaten in Orlando?

Amura's on Church Street downtown used to have the best Volcano roll ever ... until they changed management and they started making it differently.

3. What was your first concert in Orlando?

My first concert was Bush at the Edge, outside, probably in '95? It was sprinkling rain, and everyone was covered in mud.

4. What's the most hipster-y thing one can do when in Orlando?

I think that Stardust Coffee is and continues to be the best "hipster-y" thing to do in Orlando, with their rotating art, familiar staff and wide range of events.

5. What is your favorite beach in the area?

I prefer Playalinda.

6. What's your favorite Orlando attraction that no longer exists?

Mark Wayne & Lorna Lambey's lounge shows at the Red Fox Lounge at the Best Western in Winter Park was the best ... [it] never let you down.

click to enlarge 30 vintage postcards of old Orlando
30 vintage postcards of old Orlando

20 great photos to remember Red Fox Lounge act Mark and Lorna by

7. What do you hate most about living in Orlando?

I hate the heat, and how small the cultured population is.

8. What do you hate the least about living in Orlando?

How close everything is. [You never have] a far drive.

9. Mustache wax: pro or con?

My Snidely Whiplash mustache is pro on mustache wax.

10. In one word, describe your day job.


11. What's the best place to get your hair cut in Orlando?

Liberty Barber Shop. Or ... everyone loves Alchemy.

12. Alcoholic beverage of choice?

Whiskey neat, but never Jack Daniels.

13. SunRail: pro or con?

[sarcastic] Pro. I cannot wait to be able to take my bike to DeBary. But I do hope that it can help traffic on I-4 and save people money and frustration.

14. Beefy King: pro or con?

Beefy King is great. Seems it has the same setup since it opened. And they have even better T-shirts.

15. Creed or 7 Mary 3?

7 Mary 3, if I have to choose.

16. How much is too much money to spend on a vintage needlepoint of an orange?

I suppose someone put hard work and pricked their finger a few times ... so, probably $5.

17. When was the first time you went to OBT?

The first time I was taken to OBT was by my 21-year-old thug neighbor who said he "knew everyone." We ended up driving around all night looking for his friends. Never found them, but strip clubs and alcohol made the night fun.

18. Captain EO: pro or con?

I was there the first week of its re-opening! Definitely pro!

19. What makes someone an Orlandoan?

There are tons of different little nichés in Orlando. I feel like someone who can take all of it in, appreciate it all, go with the flow and add to it ... [that] makes someone an Orlandoan.

30 vintage postcards of old Orlando

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