Tigers Jaw to play Orlando's Social with Heart Attack Man and Glitterer on Saturday

Tigers Jaw - Photo by Rebecca Lader, courtesy Tigers Jaw/Facebook
Photo by Rebecca Lader, courtesy Tigers Jaw/Facebook
Tigers Jaw

Adventurous and inventive indie-rock band Tigers Jaw are on a headlining tour, airing out songs from both newest album I Won’t Care How You Remember Me and the very recently released spin-off EP Old Clothes.

The Scranton-born band, formed in 2005, have been in a state of constant creative evolution through the years — crafting both captivating lyrics and head-banging hits that show the band’s extensive range. Emotionally driven with power and substance, Tigers Jaw is just as physical a musical force as their name conjures up.

Whether you take a plane, tank or submarine to get there, make sure you check them out at the Social.

6 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 12, The Social, 54 N. Orange Ave., foundation-presents.com, $22.50.

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