Silver Apples bring bizarre dance grooves to Will's Pub Wednesday night

click to enlarge Silver Apples bring bizarre dance grooves to Will's Pub Wednesday night
P. Lebruman
The alien electronic pop of Silver Apples builds sensationally with disruptive rhythms that baffle your toes, which hysterically tap like founding member Simeon is some bizarre minstrel hypnotist with his legendary homemade synth. Although the band’s output is limited – two sleeper favorites from the late ’60s, Silver Apples and Contact, plus comeback releases in 1998 (including The Garden, unreleased music from original duo, Simeon and Danny Taylor) – their jarring dance tracks like “You and I” and “Oscillations,” as well as curious covers like “Ruby,” struck a chord with experimental artists in the underground for decades following the duo’s disbanding. When Simeon fell victim to a car crash in 1998, Silver Apples fans stressed his recovery, but he thankfully bounced back, like the world is truly the anti-gravity whirlwind he creates sonically. He keeps Taylor’s beats alive (Taylor passed away in 2005 of a heart attack) electronically, now performing as a solo artist in Florida for the first time in ages (not to mention this is one of only two dates, not a tour, so thank the cosmos he sprang from he has ties here in openers Obliterati). Lucky, lucky us. 

Silver Apples with Obliterati, Moon Jelly | 9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2 | Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave. | | $10-$12

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