Selection Reminder: The Cute Lepers ransack Will's Pub tonight!

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Thursday, September 8The Cute Lepers

Hey, remember the original Will’s Pub back in the day? If you do, then you probably recall how Seattle retro-punkers the Briefs used to rock that room out every time. If you can’t remember all the way back to 2005, then trust us, that shit ruled. Well, either way, that’s why you should check out the Cute Lepers, the likeminded spin-off launched by Briefs’ frontman Steve E. Nix. Though decidedly less new-wave than the Briefs, the Lepers are just as unabashedly retrograde. An old-fashioned blend of power pop, rock & roll and first-wave Buzzcocks-esque punk action, these guys party like it’s 1977. Even if they’re only half as fun as the Briefs, they’ll be 100 percent live. Equally devoted to expanding the fetching, tuneful hooks of early British punk is excellent Houston opener Something Fierce. – Bao Le-Huu (9 p.m. at Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $8; 407-898-5070;

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