Selection Reminder: Guns N' Roses rock Amway Center!

Friday, Oct. 28

Guns N' Roses

He plays piano as listlessly as a hotel-lobby hired hand; he has a double chin and a handlebar moustache now; he sings as if a dying pelican is lodged in his larynx; he’s still pulling the middle-of-tomorrow start times and he’s still liable to either cancel a show or walk out at the slightest provocation, then, via the band’s publicist, have the gall to claim that he “would never seek to intentionally disrespect anyone, especially their fans” when, if anything, that’s kind of Guns N’ Roses’ modus operandi (see: their entire career). We still love Axl Rose despite, and perhaps because of, his faults. We don’t expect a technically peerless show or even a vaguely cohesive song from Liza Minnelli or Lauryn Hill, so why, a quarter-century after his peak, do we still throw water bottles (or in some cases straight-up riot) when Rose and his backup band, none of whom are named Slash, Izzy, Duff or even Gilby, fail to live up to 1987 standards? Because it’s fun. It’s also super expensive, so pick up a tour shirt for us if there’s looting, won’t you? – Justin Strout (9 p.m. at Amway Center, 400 W. Church St.; $45-$75; 800-745-3000;

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