What local artists are listening to. This week: Emily Kopp

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Bliss Katherine

"Back in February, I had the wonderful opportunity to support singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile on tour. Since then, I've really been diving into the folk genre. I've always been deeply connected to well-written, meaningful lyrics and the art of storytelling. With my new venture into this style came a true appreciation of raw music with honest stories. So what's being pumped through my stereo and headphones these days? Well, for starters, Carlile's new record, Bear Creek is a work of art that I can't get enough of. As an artist, as well as a true fan, it's an album I can appreciate on many levels. It's filled with a wonderful raw energy that's led by beautiful, strong harmonies and heartfelt words.  

"The next set of tunes that have been blaring through my speakers include songs off John Mayer's latest record, Born and Raised. Whoa, talk about pure, acoustic guitar-driven songs with a country flare! I've always been a John Mayer fan. In fact, he's probably my favorite artist to date. However, there is something so different about this album and I am totally digging the new 'folk-infused' Mayer."

Orlando singer-songwriter Emily Kopp headlines Backbooth at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 31, with guest Ratham Stone. Admission is $8-$10.

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