Rolling Stones PPV Saturday Night

I know, I know. Shut the hell up about the Stones already. Soon, but not yet.

First there is the matter of the Stones 50th anniversary PPV, live from Sunny New Jersey, where the old geezers will be blowing the roof off of the Prudential Center on Saturday, the 15th.

The Rock could use some tenants with the Devils locked out and the Nets plying their trade in Brooklyn, at the brand spankin' new Rust Dome, they've got nothing going on except Disney on Ice and the Rolling Stones.

The PPV -- available on both on your TV from either Bright House, Dish or DirecTV, and Yahoo online (get it on your TV, Yahoo's streams are weak shit) -- will set you back $40, which is steep but wouldn't even get one of your ass cheeks into the actual show. WWE is producing the event, so of course its over priced.

Special guests are Bruce Springsteen, the Black Keys, and, much to my great annoyance, Lady Gaga (I'm guessing she's going to be on Gimme Shelter, doing Merry Clayton's part, which makes it double vomit).

Say what you will about their age and the fact that they looked like dancing mummies at the 12-12-12 Concert -- they can still fuckin' rock, which is the only thing that matters anyway.

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