Review - You Win Again

Artist: Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis

What do you get when you mix music's mystic Irish shaman with the sister of one of rock's original bad boys to cover country and blues standards? It turns out you get a pretty rollicking good time. Linda Gail Lewis is the sister of Jerry Lee Lewis, but she's also a talent in her own right whose firecracker piano playing and hearty voice meshes well with Van Morrison's distinctive phrasing.

Neither is trying to break new ground on "You Win Again," but they do breathe life into several songs Jerry Lee performed, including "Jambalaya" and "Let's Talk About Us." From there they joyfully attack some of the best blues, country and R&B tunes around, including Bo Diddley's "Cadillac" and John Lee Hooker's "Boogie Chillen." The whole album has a contagious enthusiasm that comes from two people who are just pounding out songs they admire.

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