Review - Whip It On

Artist: The Raveonettes

Were The Jesus & Mary Chain reconfigured as monochromatic distorto-sexpots (rather than monochromatic distorto-nihilists), they might sound a whole lot like The Raveonettes. And that makes The Raveonettes one hell of a great band. Wisely choosing to limit their U.S. debut to a tightly effective eight tracks in 21 minutes (all of which is in "glorious b-flat minor"), this Danish duo doesn't go for high concept or "diversity" to prove their mettle. Instead, their game is relentless, distortion-drenched garage pop that's as heavy-lidded as it is grindingly sexy. It's that leather-clad couple passed out -- lit cigarettes in hand -- on the divan, looking 50 times more suave than you. The hazy blast of "Whip It On" is effective, but tiring, and these two promise to change keys for their next release; it'll be in "booming b-flat major" instead.

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