Review - Two Years to Never

Artist: Ghoti Hook

Over the past six years Ghoti Hook has been a mainstay of the East Coast's burgeoning punk circuit. Long known for juvenile antics like throwing food at the crowd and devoting entire songs to their bikes, Ghoti Hook has cultivated a reputation as a group of perpetual adolescents. But years on the road and in the studio have aged the band, and their music has grown with them.

Ghoti Hook's latest release, "Two Years to Never," is a collection of 12 tracks showcasing their newfound maturity. At times they brood, at times they wail, but they always rock.

While the music is progressive rock in the truest sense, the lyrics betray their frustration and sorrow. Songs about failure and loss are layered over driving rock melodies, creating a surreal juxtaposition. You feel moved when you listen to the music, you feel pain when you hear the words, and you feel overwhelmed when you let both play on your senses.

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