Review - Trojan X-Rated Box Set

Artist: Various Artists

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This fine three-CD box set includes heavy hitters such as Lee Perry and U-Roy, along with a host of more obscure Jamaican musicians. The tie that binds them? Sex. Considering the publishing dates of these tracks -- all came between 1966 and 1974 -- there is some fairly bold material presented, from the blatant "Pussy Catch a Fire" by The Soulmates to the more understated but equally lascivious "Want a Wine" by Leo Graham. In the end, the songs are forthright in their content and satisfy the theme of the compilation, but some of them seduce with flirtatious pillow talk that's just as appreciated. The music is consistently loose and mesmerizing, with bass melodies tottering sexily side-to-side, creating a true example of form equaling content. Despite the differences in styles of the individual artists, the music holds strong from start to end. For those interested in Caribbean music, this is an invaluable collection. For the casual consumer with a filthy mind, it's just as essential.

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