Review - The Marshall Mathers LP

Artist: Eminem

The Marshall Mathers LP
Label: Aftermath/Interscope Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: The Marshall Mathers LP

After hearing Eminem's new release, "The Marshall Mathers LP," there are a few possible reactions: (1) Complete disgust at the lyrical content (killing his ex-wife and mom, taking drugs, liberal use of the word "faggot"), and a loss of hope for the next generation. (2) Complete joy at finding a man with a world-view similar to yours, followed by a desire to get drugged-up and start killing people. Or (3) the realization that Eminem doesn't mean most of this stuff; it's all meant in good, or at least sick, fun. No. 3 is the reaction that Slim Shady is after. Then again, on closer "Criminal," he announces that "if you believe that, then I'll kill you."

While most of Eminem's lyrics are too profane to be repeated in polite company, his lightning-fast delivery and stunning way with a diss, combined with beat-perfect production by Dr. Dre and friends, will make most listeners laugh at things they know they shouldn't be laughing at.

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