Review - The Golden Ratio

Artist: Heroic Lane Change

Tyson Deines emerges from post-Wheelchair exile with an exciting six-track EP that evokes the production-rich pop-fuzz of a group like Polara with a lyrical tone that brings to mind -- of all things -- Ben Deily's contributions to early Lemonheads albums. The top-notch production work of David Schweizer (that this guy continually coaxes warm density out of what are surely limited budgets makes him a true local hero) and the guitar-driven miasma of Deines and Steve Garron means that "The Golden Ratio" is probably the most sonically satisfying 20 minutes you'll have this year. Thankfully, it's musically strong as well, and Deines' inventive songwriting wavers between hangdog pop and art-crushed power. Pay attention.

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