Review - SYR5

Artist: Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori, DJ Olive

Kim Gordon's guitar contributions suffused with Ikue Mori and DJ Olive's quasi-ambient noise force are what earn this CD veneration in the world of sound sorcery. "SYR5" begins by taking your hand and pulling you gently through "Olive's Horn," a voiceless sonic campground with electronic owls and crickets, enveloped by outer space. Once safely inside this looping, "introsonant" communion, "International Spy" saunters in underneath Gordon's little-lazy-girl vocals.

Ex-DNA drummer Ikue Mori's use of sampling and drum machines fuses smoothly with DJ Olive's spinning expertise and Gordon's spontaneous guitar compositions. The resulting ear-worthy environment travels from a miked bucket of fighting insects and layered agitations, to a guitar driving down a highway of effects. "SYR5" is just under an hour of first-class audio experimentation, a well-executed assemblage of sound movements that loop, breathe and scrape.

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