Review - Social Dancing

Artist: Bis

When last we left Bis, heroes of the British childlike-pop movement dubbed "the Teen-C Revolution," they had exploded onto the international scene with hyperactive sloganeering: a boundless ability to nail gloriously naive sci-fi/pop music/ youthful-revolutionary sing-song chants and rants to hooky sketches of songs.

Well, kids, it now seems as though our heroes have fallen into the clutches of mid-'80s new wave and post-new-wave Anglo-pop. On "Social Dancing," the Bis crew is better armed, older and wiser, but just as ecstatic, and has marshaled its youthful energy and its recently acquired ninjalike musical sophistication for an all-out assault on growing old gracelessly: Agents of the Fashion Industry Internation-ale, the Macho Dude Brigade, the Disco Assault Corps and the sluggish operators of the Dad-Rock Liberation Guitar Army. Our heroes have the action, time and vision to execute our wildest pop adventures.

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