Review - Sleep No More

Artist: DJ Signify

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Sleep No More
Label: Lex
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Sleep No More

Despite a name more pretentious than Paul "DJ Spooky" Miller's theories, DJ Signify scores some pretty chilling hip-hop on this "soundtrack" to an imaginary horror movie. Sparsely sculpted from horns, orchestra and hollow beats, murky rhythms synthesize with all the computerized creep-show effects you can stand, curated by modern-day crypt-keepers Buck 65 and Sage Francis. Signify's over-the-top chronicles of psycho fans, haunted-house parties and sleazy motel owners subvert the gangster, live-to-be-hated lifestyle into hyperviolent stories of inner-city survival that are more suburban myth than ghetto reality.

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